Nobody Ever Shed a Tear

TGR's Brittany Vincent examines recent critic remarks.

""Nobody ever shed a tear over a video game character's death."
-Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel Movie Critic

Truer words have never been spoken. Indeed, it is a preposterous notion that any form of media, save for that which has been labeled "art" by society, could contain any emotional merit. After all, it's a widely-known fact that only Casablanca, Beethoven and a smattering of Cassatt or Picasso paintings deliver heartrending emotion through media, and that humans are otherwise not intelligent enough to recognize it."

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cain1413701d ago

He cried over just about every charector in Fable lol... I love when he introduced the Dog the first time.

cain1413701d ago

To be fair, the max payne movie did suck. But that's because it was a bad movie. A lot of comic book adaptations used to suck. Now we have exceptional ones such as the Dark Knight.

Nick27283701d ago

"Nobody cried over a video game character's death." I think this is the phrase of an emotionally stunted individual.

cain1413701d ago

Or at least an ignorant one.

steriotyp3701d ago

I think this was well thought out, although I'm sure I missed the moral of the story somewhere in there.

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