Bethesda and Arkane Studios put Dishonored franchise on hiatus

It seems that Arkane Studios has decided to put the Dishonored franchise to bed. Lead designer Richard Bare told VG24/7 in a recent interview that the series was being put on an indefinite hiatus.

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PhoenixUp151d ago

Didn’t they kill the Outsider in the last game? I haven’t played it but I assume that’s the case

Relientk77151d ago

It's Dishonored there are always non-lethal and lethal ways of dealing with people. You don't have to kill him, you can save him instead, which I did on my first playthrough.

-Foxtrot151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Yeah they took the biggest and most mysterious character from the series so far and instead of incorporating that kind of backstory of the Outsider to a third game which everyone would play they quickly wrapped it up in DLC with characters that didn't really have that much of a connection to the Outsider unlike Corvo. You didn't have to kill him, you could save him but the point is he's's over.

I God damn love this franchise but the fact they did this with the DLC really annoys me as I and many others would have loved to have gotten one more game with the Outsider and Corvo to finish their story together. I just don't know why developers waste stories in DLC like this when you could do things which are nothing to do with the main game.

They've even said Corvo's story is over and done with but I still think he has one more game in him yet before they changed characters. They went to the trouble of giving him a voice in the second one so I don't see the point of retiring him just yet.

However like I've said before without the Outsider what can you really do? Bring in another person like the Outsider? That would just feel a little forced and done for the sake of it because "ooops we got rid of him in a quick DLC story and didn't think it through". I'm kind of hoping they bring him back somehow or just say it's not canon.

Movefasta1993151d ago

that feeling when you just got spoiled

KuroMadoshi151d ago

I am expecting a new IP announcement soon, or for the launch of next gen.

playnice151d ago

Looking forward to Starfield!

KuroMadoshi151d ago

from Arkane Studioes, I think not.

Relientk77151d ago

I have no problem with a hiatus, as long as a Dishonored 3 happens in the future.

playnice151d ago

It doesn't have the following of The Elder Scrolls or Fallout it makes sense to put it on hold and bring it back en force :)

Spurg151d ago

They should make more prey games, the last one was pretty good.

DaleCooper151d ago

Love the series, but I'm excited to see something new from them!

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The story is too old to be commented.