It's official: Playing as Oddjob in 'GoldenEye' was cheating

The game's creators have finally set the record straight.

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Fist4achin1068d ago

Still discussion on a classic! Some great times there.

Father__Merrin1068d ago

it was good back in its day. some games are best left to rest

Smitty20201068d ago

Agreed amazing game I still go bk too it on my n64 ;) but a remaster would b odd

RosweeSon1068d ago

It would if they change what was alresdy a fantastic game and still is the remakes have been awful because they changed it sure it’s basic now but such a great game 4 players proxy mines in bunker, gaming gold. Campaign was fantastic and if you had an action replay could even unlock a couple of extra levels for multiplayer or extra parts of current ones

Minute Man 7211067d ago

@ RoseweeSon
Always played License to Kill mode

Father__Merrin1067d ago

Issue is they don't age well. I also loved turok but playing remaster was awful it's not like you remember it.

Goldeneye for me was for the story single player music was also fab. What made it better is I watched Goldeneye film after the game and it made the movie even better. Amazing times back then

TheFirstClassic1068d ago

There is an emulator that lets you play this and perfect dark with mouse and keyboard controls, feels great and makes the game worth playing again.

Last_Boss1068d ago

Mishkin put an end to that noise

Chaos_Order1068d ago

I still don't get why he was so short in that game. In the movie he's as tall as Bond! XD

TheColbertinator1068d ago

Oddjob. Slappers Only. Aztec. Good times.

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