Housemarque is becoming yet another face in the crowd - A “Stormdivers” and Housemarque rant

"Just recently Housemarque launched a Gamescom 2018 trailer for their new battle royal game "Stormdivers". Well, I think that Housemarque is becoming yet another face in the crowd, and this is the reason why" - Sharn Daniels, TGG.

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Kribwalker1151d ago

The problem is Housemarquee had to adapt in order to survive. There old style of games weren’t selling well, as evidenced by their blog post saying exactly that. They weren’t getting the support they should have been getting so now they have to change things up or face closing down.
I would make the change to survive too

gangsta_red1151d ago

It's a shame but it's a fact for a lot of small, independent developers. The bar is constantly being raised with each gen and smaller devs are being priced out if they don't have a hit or a huge publisher backing them up and even then there's no guarantee they'll survive.

firelogic1151d ago

Adapting to survive makes sense in theory but honestly speaking, if they weren't making money off of awesome twin stick shooters, they certainly aren't going to hit the jackpot with a low-budget battle royale game. They're one of my favourite devs and I'd love it if they were acquired by Sony. They're basically already Sony exclusive devs anyway (I know they have games on other platforms but the majority has been Sony exclusive).

Sony should buy them and up their budget and see what kind of awesome ideas they come up with.

TGG_overlord1151d ago

That would be my point exactly, and that sounds like a much better plan imo.

KickSpinFilter1151d ago

But to a me too game...I don't know.

I_am_Batman1151d ago

Before they stood out, Now they don't. I can't see how this is going to help them be more successful. Targetting a passionate niche audience is still better than offering generic mainstream games in my book. I understand that they weren't very profitable so things had to change but why go from oustanding niche games to the biggest mainstream trend? Surely there must be a compromise between the two. I wouldn't be surprised if their new game bombs to be honest. It's really a shame. I hoper it turns out good but I'm very sceptical.

TGG_overlord1151d ago

You are right, and this is a very risky gamble imo...

TGG_overlord1151d ago

Then it's most likely not hte best of ideas to go for a battle royal game, since the genre is already swamped atm...

gangsta_red1151d ago

The genre is swamped? I think that's a bit of an exaggeration.

porkChop1151d ago

Yeah they didn't have much choice. They couldn't stay the course.

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PoopsMcGee1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

A sad, sad truth. I hope they go back to the genre that they are immaculate at and is sadly under-represented. Diversity is needed in this industry...

gangsta_red1151d ago

Diversity is needed, unfortunately so are sales and Housemarque already stated that their past games underperformed.

So to stay afloat, they had to get with the trends. Hopefully they can bring something to this style of gameplay and hopefully they'll get the support needed so they can possibly go back to what people loved about them.

TGG_overlord1151d ago

So it's been said, but I hardly doubt that yet another battle royal game is going to solve their problems...Imo, they need to bring in someone that could help them cut their costs, improve sales and so on.

TGG_overlord1151d ago

I don't get why their games didn't sell even though they kick-ass, but this is not good for anyone. I mean, just like you said, diversity is very much needed, or else everything will look and feel the same.

AK911151d ago

I honestly can't blame them for this decision they're previous games whilst awesome didn't sell well they are simply doing what they have to in order to stay afloat.

Evolve1151d ago

Is it too difficult to develop Dead Nation 2 instead of ..... this?

King_Noctis1150d ago

To be honest they are setting themselves up for failure. They should have known that there is no way to penetrate the battle royale’s market right now unless you bring something very unique to the table, and even then there is still no guarantee of success.