MS: Xbox Game Pass More of a Membership Than Subscription, We Don't Expect Purchase to be Replaced

Microsoft execs said they think of Xbox Game Pass more as a membership than a subscription, and they don't expect purchases to be replaced.
They're also looking to add value with quality games and not merely with quantity.

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ccgr417d ago

I'm happy with Games with Gold, hope they can pull this off

lxeasy417d ago

Thus far they have. As I member I've gotten the chance to play a lot of great games I would have never checked out like Fall Out 4, Mad Max, Doom etc... Fall Out 76 will be the first Fall Out game I buy. And it's cause of Gamepass.

S2Killinit416d ago

What im getting from the article is that we shouldnt expect a large selection of games because they will be recycling them.

chiefJohn117416d ago

I should check out fallout 4 I never played fallout b4

Araragifeels 417d ago

Too bad PC barely have anything to play on Xbox Game Pass. Well at least I paid $2.18 and got 2 month so I at least play State Of Decay 2.

Alexious417d ago

True, they have to improve it for PC gamers.

Araragifeels 417d ago

Hopefully, they add more in the coming months.

Bnet343417d ago

Forget Game Pass for PC. How about they fix that god awful Xbox app on the PC? That thing is so horrible. The team that created it needs to be fired. Yeesh... it's so buggy and always need to refresh... Sorry... Yes ... Game Pass for PC. Work on that MS! Also.... I just want all games to be Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Platform. Should be mandatory next gen.

416d ago
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DarkVoyager417d ago

“MS: Xbox Game Pass More of a Membership Than Subscription, We Don't Expect Purchase to be Replaced“

With news of Xbox Live, Gamepass, and an Xbox Console for a monthly payment over 2 years shows Microsoft are doing all they can to lock you down.

Alexious417d ago

I'm not getting that even if true.

Cybermario417d ago

cool, still not interested, im good with what i have

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The story is too old to be commented.