“We Want To Empower Ninja Theory”, Says Microsoft’s First Party Studios Boss

Matt: "It's not our intention to pull these studios in and start putting Xbox posters up everywhere."

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Petrovich765d ago

If Ninja Theory was able to create Senua with limited resources, imagine what the studio can do with Microsoft "empowering" them. :)

Skull521765d ago

Yeah I enjoyed the game, with the additional resources at their disposal I imagine their next game is gonna be fantastic, and stunningly beautiful with X optimization. They very well may set some graphical bars. Senua was dripping with atmosphere which is pretty rare in games, excited to see what the future holds for this studio.

Gunstar75765d ago


A badge of honour right there

lxeasy765d ago

I can't wait to see Ninja theories next game

Skull521764d ago

Yeah when it was exclusive to PlayStation nothing but praise here, now that it’ll be Microsoft exclusives from here on out they aren’t anything special, funny how that works.

Ceaser9857361764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

"Yeah when it was exclusive to PlayStation nothing but praise here, now that it’ll be Microsoft exclusives from here on out they aren’t anything special, funny how that works."

Doesn't sound right coming from you because you do the same and yes some PS fanboys are just like you .. So shake hands to that.

and HELLBLADE was timed exclusive to the PS4 and released on the PC too then after close to a year on the xbox it released.

ULTp0ltergeist764d ago

Badge of honor here is ez work

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King_Noctis765d ago

If MS really giving them freedom (like they did with Mojang and Minecraft) then I imagine we’ll gonna see some epic games from Ninja Theory.

And who know, pretty soon we might group Ninja Theory with the likes of Rockstar, Naughty Dogs, and CDPR.

jznrpg765d ago

That’s a horrible comparison. Minecraft was huge before MS bought them for 2.5 billion dollars .And besides Minecraft what have they done? Nothing. It could be great or could be bad or maybe just ok this is just PR speak until something is released . MS doesn’t have the best track record with acquiring studios but it’s way too early to know what the result will be. Nobody goes into an acquisition saying doom and gloom so this is just par for the course .

King_Noctis765d ago (Edited 765d ago )


Lord knows we can’t say anything or think anything remotely positive about MS (and Nintendo) on this site.

DanteVFenris666764d ago

Except ninja theory has a history of mediocre games as well

RememberThe357764d ago

They have a history of making games that get mixed receptions. Their games are always well made though.

Ninja Theory are clearly a talented group of folks, MS just needs to keep them happy.

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1-pwnsause-1765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

I hope empowering doesn’t mean like what you’ve done to rare.... sure I’m glad you have more creators on your side to create more games on your platform... but history tells us you guys haven’t done a good job with studios. Hopefully that changes...

Immorals765d ago

Tbh all of the creative genius left Rare after the acquisition and before game development started. Sea of Thieves gets alot of flack, but it's shaping up just great

SuperSaiyanGod41764d ago

The only problem I see is if Microsoft forces some kind of online to ninja theory's games because we all know they are single player developers and trying to add an online mode would be new territory for them because I don't ever remember playing any game from them that had an online mode.

2ndhandcorn765d ago

Meh Playground was the only dev worth it for me , am sure someone will buy the other crap.

765d ago
MatriXcian765d ago

If you want to empower them then you shouldnt of bought them. We all know whether we like it or not what happens when MS gets ahold of a company. Disagree all you want but lots of examples exist.

Gunstar75765d ago

Yeah, studio Liverpool says "hi" lol

765d ago
TheUndertaker85764d ago

@OgGaming27: Zipper Interactive
Guerilla Cambridge
SOE Denver, Tucson, and Seattle
Evolution Studios
BigBig Studios
SuperBot Entertainment

Quantic Dreams announced their contract with Sony is up and they’re planning to work on a multiplayer title that Sony would not sanction leaving them to look at other platforms

Ready At Dawn reestablished themselves as independent after the failure of The Order 1886.

Sony Santa Monica suffered layoffs along with cancelled projects.

Oh see, that really goes two ways. Insomniac is third party and has never been owned by Sony and Naughty Dog was founded in a Universal Studios backlot.

RememberThe357764d ago

Jesus, you guys are some sad fackers. Sony has done a great job cultivating their talent and MS has not. Get over it and look forward. Has MS learned anything from the past? We'll find out. Sony clearly did and is reaping the rewards. None of the sudios Sony closed we're doing great work so they were cut. On MS side of things Ensemble was one of the best devs out there and MS closed them after forcing them to do a Halo RTS that was actually really good. They scared off all the talent at Rare and turned Loinhead into a joke. MS has a bad track record with studios and hasn't yet turned it around. Take the criticism and hope they've learned, your not going to win an argument pitting Sony's first party against MSs.

darthv72765d ago

TBH, EA would be the bigger evil in terms of gaining control of studios and then shuttering them. Then Activision and even Sony is on that list as well.

So, please... give us that list of examples if you dont mind.

765d ago
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