Every change coming to Destiny 2 just before Forsaken

PC Invasion details everything learned from the latest This Week at Bungie regarding changes to mods, exotics, perks, Solstice armor, and more. These are the things Destiny 2 players will need to do once update 2.0.0 goes live on August 28.

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ramtah149d ago

And no one really cares there are too many good games out there to care about this game now..

Zabatsu2149d ago

Name some, me and a friend is really bored and have been unable to find a Good co-op or multiplayer game that's not the same generic crap.

Hambo149d ago

that's just, like, your opinion, man.

JJasonRodriguez149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

While I do agree that there are so many good games out there, it should be worth noting that Destiny still does have a fairly healthy population of dedicated players.

I do think it is very misleading and somewhat inaccurate, or hyperbolic, to state that "no one" cares. I mean, the articles I do that cover the game tend to get good numbers (yay!) which means that there are players who are eager for info and tips.

In relation to your point about having "too many good games around" -- it's also worth pointing out that, in itself, means that "there's a game for everyone to enjoy" -- whether it's Destiny 2, Monster Hunter, League of Legends, God of War, Total War, Civilization, Warframe, The Witcher series, For Honor, Hollow Knight, Breath of the Wild, and so much more.
I do hope that the idea fosters a belief in you that even though you feel that other games are great (which is totally awesome), you also don't do a disservice to those who focus on a different game.

After all -- everyone's a video gamer, everyone's looking for a way to enjoy their hobby no matter which game they may prefer.

I apologize for the detailed reply. You took the time to share your opinion with us, and so I took the time to respond as well. Have a good weekend, fellow gamer! 👍