Matt Booty: We're Interested in Studios Comprised of "50 to 100 people"

Matt Booty recently talked about the kinds of studios Microsoft is looking to acquire and how they weren't trying to fill out a list.

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Thundercat77768d ago

As long as you don't destroy these studios (what actually has happened in the past) , go ahead.

Abash768d ago

Something told me that Matt Booty was going to be the guy to really, ehm, shake things up, at Xbox first party

DragonbornZ768d ago

It seems like they're mainly providing a platform and financial support for the devs they're bringing in.
From full interview:
"Our plan for the studio in terms of integration is very much the same with what we did with Mojang and Minecraft. Which is a very, very minimal level of integration. We are not trying to come in and change the culture. We're not trying to overdo the Microsoft presence. But what we do is make the studio feel supported, empowered and capable of focusing entirely on the content, without needing to worry about the other day-to-day realities."

Army_of_Darkness768d ago

So basically, they wanna be more like Sony.

Omnislashver36768d ago

IKR he's always two-word answers or less.

"That's Fine"


KionicWarlord222768d ago

Yeah its good to have a good mix of AA studios that made games because you can take there talents to the next level with bigger budgets.

rainslacker768d ago

Sometimes those mid-tier titles rank up there better than some of the AAA games that get made. I mean, things like Nier, Gravity Rush, LittleBigPlanet, R&C, Dark Souls, etc are usually greatly liked by all when they play them.

BlackTar187768d ago

Good let's bring the games on all consoles.

Kiwi66768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

Why would they do that ?

BlackTar187768d ago

I think i was unclear. I didn't mean bring these games to all consoles i meant Bring games to all consoles so there is amazing games across the board

xX-oldboy-Xx768d ago

They're struggling get new games on their own console, which hopefully won't be a problem going forward.

Just gotta wait until next gen.

jznrpg768d ago

Next E3 , Next E3 , Next E3 now Next Gen . You Xbox people are either super patient or I don’t know what

thexmanone768d ago

Why do people keep saying next gen. there is not going to be a next gen. it will just be a upgrade. Everything will be BC moving forward.

jznrpg768d ago

Don’t make the studios booty

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The story is too old to be commented.