Microsoft Won't Steer Any of the Acquired Studios into Portfolio Objectives or Change Their Culture

Head of Microsoft Game Studios Matt Booty said that there are no plans to steer any of the acquired studios into certain portfolio objectives or change their work culture.

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Garethvk763d ago

Until they do not make enough money and it will be hands on.

Lennoxb63763d ago

That's every company. Sony and Nintendo do the same. When a company of theirs starts losing them money they have to be more hands on.

Garethvk763d ago

Did I say it was not? It is business 101. The issue is MS is making a claim they will have a very hard time keeping and when they do become more hands on; they will open themselves to speculation.

Gh05t763d ago

Yeah if a studio is failing it would be time for leadership to step in. Who wouldn't want that? If you had an employee doing jack all and not getting their work done to an acceptable standard you would just let them continue to do whatever? On the other hand if they get their work done why mess with them. Same applies for almost everything. Its a management style but no management style I have studied say let something that is failing continue to fail because, reasons.

Sitdown762d ago

Your wisdom is not wanted here, allow the people to blindly throw feces in order to see what sticks!

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PhoenixUp763d ago

I still don’t have faith in Compulsion or Undead Labs producing exceptional games.

Razzer763d ago

Seriously. Those two are dire need of a change of culture. Ninja Theory and Playground, on the other hand, know what they are doing. I think the Initiative will be fine with the incredible talent they are hiring.

CloudStrife900762d ago

Why you got downvoted for speaking the truth is beyond me...

NT and Play, as you say, know what they're doing. I think what makes Compulsion interesting is their Tim Burton-like We Happy Few. It's an eerie game that has a distinct theme - despite the gameplay and performance being below standard. UL on the other hand, I think everyone enjoys their SoD games, but it would be nice to see something a bit more high quality next time around.

Initiative and NT have most of my interest. Unpopular opinion but DmC was fantastic. Initiative's talent will speak volumes. We'll just have to see what happens, but if MS are actively looking for studios that put out quality games on a three-year basis, it's safe to assume we'll be seeing most of their work at the dawn of the new gen.

Razzer762d ago

Meh.....I don't concern myself with downvotes. I just think first party games should be held to a higher standard whether they are AAA or AA.

King_Noctis763d ago

The only bad thing that I hear about State of Decay and We Happy Few are their bugs and lack of optimizations. With more manpower, more resources, and more dev time all those things can be solved. This is where MS comes in.

conanlifts763d ago

The irony is that most of the bugs in state of decay have now been fixed. I have about 80 hours of gametime and the changes are evident. Of course a few bugs still exist, but they are far fewer than many other games. The problem with the internet is people form opinions without trying things for themselves.

CBaoth762d ago (Edited 762d ago )

@ sd11 no way have the bugs been fixed. I'm playing it right now on a 1X. There's input lag. Driving fast causes the framerate to dip into the low 20s. Mission NPCs get stuck in walls or under buildings preventing dialogue/advancement of said mission. I shouldn't have to fire up another side quest, do it quickly, and toggle original side hoping NPC is unstuck so I can deliver materials. I've even had infestations unable to clear due to a screamer/zombie in a wall.

That being said the SoD series is still one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I really dig the walking dead vibe with the community recruiting & crafting system so I'm hoping the acquisition enables UL to deliver a far bigger, better experience.

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