Two Worlds II Echoes of the Dark Past 2 Multiplayer Expansion Comes to PC Next Week - Screens

Two Worlds II offers adventurers the thrilling experience of a perilous and daring journey throughout a vast magical land. Rich in story, detail and content, 2W2 offers an array of unique approaches to classic game elements that push the envelope for the fantasy RPG genre.

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jznrpg990d ago

Played this on PS3 it wasn’t bad for a B game but in no way did it “offer an array of unique approaches to classic game elements” and sure as hell didn’t push any envelopes. Why release this multiplayer so many years later ? They should re-release for this gen consoles for 19.99 with the updates

winter_hill989d ago

I enjoyed this game, much better than the first one. With Two Worlds 3 coming next year, I would love to see a remaster of this on current gen.