IncGamers: Fable II Review

IncGamers checks out Lionhead's long-awaited sequel to Fable. With the onus on freedom, we look at the good, the bad and the downright strange in Fable 2.

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Kareshi_X3648d ago

Pfewww , no flop here people S.O.C.O.M is on a other thread!

Pennywise3648d ago

Reported as spam. They can review socom how they would like - I love it.

ultimolu3647d ago

Was that even necessary?
Can't you be happy that Fable II did well?
There's no reason to attack a game when this article is pertaining to another game.

Leord3648d ago

Pregnant, STD and killed the father. Hahaha!

Maticus3648d ago

Bugger the dog, brilliant! Looks like an amazing game, will try it out.

jaffa_cake3647d ago

solid 9 overal looks like
glad gd score
loved the 1st game shame it didnt have much replay value hoping this one has.

theKiller3647d ago

but uncharted is much better in physics and graphics!!

3647d ago
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