GTAIV gets near perfect score from Famitsu, beats LittleBigPlanet

Japanese games magazine Famitsu has given Grand Theft Auto IV a score of 10,10,9,10 which means that three out four reviewers thought it damn near perfect. This rather surprisingly outscored Sony's LittleBigPlanet, which recieved a more than formidable 10,10,9,9.

Full scores below.

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Kareshi_X3701d ago

GTAIV gets near perfect score from Famitsu, beats LittleBigPlanet

are those two games even in the same genre? I say no. so why would he spend his saliva making a article about it.

Ps3Fanboy7773701d ago

I can look at any given gameplay trailer and can tell within 1 minutes whether or not im interested in a game...

I certainly do not need or even want any of these reviewers because they all have agendas that are far from gamers.. Not to mention most arent even gamers.

Mike Bowden3701d ago

Just look at the front page of N4G! :)

vhero3701d ago

say what???? how old is GTA IV???? why the hell we still talking about this game?!?!? and why comparing it to a completly differnt type of game?? not to mention an exclusive to a non exclusive. The fact is LBP is the highest rated exclusive game of any console this generation FACT.

WildArmed3701d ago

Seems like they forgot about MGS4.. a ps3 exlcusive which got 10s all across the board :D

PimpDaddy3701d ago

It's pathetic. Conspiracy theories, multiple accounts, FUD. Just stop it. No game deserves a 10 as far as I am concerned. No such thing as a perfect game.

Go ahead rape my bubbles some more for stating the truth. I still got 4 left.

ape0073701d ago

"The fact is LBP is the highest rated exclusive game of any console this generation FACT."


super mario galaxy is the highest rated exclusive this gen and one of the best games ever.

SL1M DADDY3701d ago

Two years from now people will still be seeing LBP on YouTube and playing eachoters levels while GTA4 will be a shart afterthought in the industry. LBP has legs and GTA4 does not. It's just that simple.

Homicide3701d ago

I remember reading that Famitsu reviews their games based on hype. Anyways, remember they gave Haze the same score as Orange Box. They aren't credible.

LastDance3701d ago

I sinccerly hope the modders are banning anyone who uses the words: SDF or sony defence force in the gamer zone.

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sinncross3701d ago

wow, GTA4 is so far from perfect its frightening that its got such good scores.

patlike3701d ago

Fantastic achievement technically, however.

Shadow Flare3701d ago

what, that it fits on 1 dvd for the 360?

ultimolu3701d ago

...And the point of this is...?
A near perfect score doesn't make it a good game.

Mike Bowden3701d ago

The point is that if you know what the Japanese usually like in their games, GTAIV is the opposite of that, where LittleBigPlanet is something that you'd imagine would go down very well.

Thus, the fact that a game such as GTAIV can get a higher review score is very surprising indeed.

ultimolu3701d ago

Surprising but it doesn't make LBP irrelevant.

ultimolu3701d ago

That's just my observation.

coolfool3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

reviewed so well over LBP in a japanese market is just a little suspect if you ask me. Think about it, game that japanese traditionally doesn't like near perfect score, game that japanese traditionally does like, not so good.

GTAIV isn't breaking any barriers in terms of bridging western and Japanese markets and we all know how the Japanese like their own "types" of games. So why did GTAIV review so well? (which is the real point, not that it did better than LBP) I have no idea. It just seems strange.

Harry1903701d ago

GTA started to sell well in Japan too. 500 000 copies of GTA 4 will be or have been sold and it only just came out in Japan. Niko Belic's charm is doing the trick.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

That's cool;)
Hmm GTA4 tho??? Should be 9,9,9,9!!! ;-D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

GTA4 would have been a 10,10,10,10 if it was a PS3 Only game in'it!!! ;-D
Shame they had to make it for the out of date 'xBox[P.C in a Box]360!!!
It could have been SOOOOOOOOOOO much better...oh well...lets hope GTA5 is PS3 only, the xBox 360 should be DEAD by then!!! ;-D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

You mean 'Will be DEAD by then' ;-D

+ Even 'Stevie Wonder' can see the xBox 360 is Dying!!! ;-D

spartan112g3701d ago

Having fun amusing yourself? GTA IV should be a 7,7,8 at most.

Eiffel3701d ago

How does GTA IV being on another console affect the score, idiot.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3701d ago

I'd give the GTA4 Story a 10/10, but maybe a score of 8,8,7,8 for the game. Not sure why i said 9,9,9,9 for!!! ;-D

+Thanks to the xBot Zombie Lemmings on this pressing the Disagree button, WOW!!! you can now press the Fire button(On Halo3) +! the Disagree Button on this, Well done, you have achieved something in your sad little life!!! ;-D

Vegeth3701d ago

because rock star apologized to ps3 users cuz they had to put limits to the game in order to let it go on 360 also...try to look for it on google..

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3701d ago

@Sir Ken Kutaragi

Dont worry about it.The xbot lemmings have no meaning in life so leave them be

morganfell3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

The way these bots are scurrying around like rats finding everything they can throw at LBP has me laughing my ass off. It just goes to show the level of desperation and worry in the xbox 360 kiddie camp.

The sales will be otherwise though.

testerg353701d ago

morganfell, so xbots wrote this article.. or were the xbots responsible for famitsu giving gta4 a higher rating?

Deadman643700d ago

sir ken can I PLEASE see you myspace or facebook or something? I bet its so dam hilarious.

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rawd3701d ago

Who writes the titles on these news articles, 12 year olds?

v1c1ous3701d ago

and i have been saying for YEARS now that famitsu takes hype into consideration when reviewing a game.

at least they are not as bad as game informer, which grades games based on what gamestop expects to sell the most.