5 Games With Way Better Gameplay Than Story

Twinfinite writes "We're recapping five games with lacklustre stories that were only rescued by superb gameplay,"

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SegaGamer149d ago

If the gameplay is good, I'm really not fussed about the story. It's great if it's got the whole package, but I'll play anything if the gameplay is fun. That is why I play games.

CorndogBurglar148d ago

Wow! Someone who remembers what really matters in video games!

Don't get me wrong, I love a good story in my video games. But that will not deter me from playing and enjoying a game that is fun.

Hell, back in the day the only story we got was what was explained in the instruction booklet on one or two pages. That was case in quite a lot of great games.

Not to mention, even games these days mostly have cheap and generic stories. There will always be great ones, like Witcher 3, or God of War, and others. But if we're being honest, there are a LOT of fun games with very weak stories.

Skankinruby148d ago

Gameplay being primary focus is fine, but abandoning story for it is an absolute no.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence148d ago

Why can't people be honest and accept that Destiny gameplay is slow and clunky at best. You can't even reload while running. I'll repeat that: you cannot reload while running. So much for "become legend" when you can't even become the average grunt soldier.

Rude-ro148d ago

Looks at the entire game, and you are worried about reload... 🤔
You can literally look at any game and break it down due to something.
Over all, one of the best FPS engines out there currently. NOTE: not saying best game, or best FPS but engine and one that has already had effects in other games and will continue to have an effect. Just like halo did for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 era.

Kumakai148d ago

im sure everyone will disagree with me as per usual but to me a story is important but gameplay is more important. the gameplay is the part that actually makes gaming fun. the story just gives it a reason to exist. If i had to choose I'd take gameplay before story.

SegaGamer148d ago

You're spot on.

Without gameplay, games can't exist.
Without a story, games can still be great.

I play games for gameplay, if I played for the story only, then what would be the point in being a gamer? I may as well just watch tv.

Most of us grew up in the 90's where gaming grabbed us without their great stories. We had the gameplay, we had the music, we had the fun, it's all that was needed and all that is still needed today. It's nice to have a good story with it, but it's far away from being a deal breaker if it doesn't have one.