OXM UK: Far Cry 2 Review

OXM UK writes: "Today you're being paid to blow things up. Tell me you do not love your job". Addi Mbantuwe, leader of the United Front for Liberation and Labor knows that African civil wars aren't won through diplomacy - just mayhem and bullets.

Far Cry 2 is this year's equivalent of Assassin's Creed. Ignore the fact that one involves a guy running around in his pyjamas and the other, well, doesn't. What these two games have in common are some of the most sensually realistic game worlds ever created.

Almost everything about Far Cry 2 is innovative or experimental in some ways. The game's fervent dedication to realism certainly doesn't make it very accessible, but on the other hand it does provide a truly refreshing level of difficulty for the hardcore. Above all else, the setting feels particularly special. Not many FPSs can claim to have a game world as beautiful, enveloping, or as deadly as this."

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