Gears of War 2 not coming to Japan or Germany

This is a sad day, a very sad day if you live in Japan or Germany, Gears of War 2 will not be coming to your countries for unknown reasons. A Microsoft spokesman confirmed it earlier today with EDGE, Considering how big of a title GoW2 is going to be, you'd think that they would try and get it unbanned, right?

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Viatrophy3746d ago

Its a sad day because the people who do live within them countries and enjoyed the original, they won't be able to play the second one.
If you weren't so narrow minded and think a country like a specific thing, you would of realized that.

green3746d ago

You do know that Gear of war was banned in Germany.Microsoft could not even show the sequel at the Leipzig games convention 08.

perseus3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

In both Japan and Germany nudity is okay, but violent portrayals of murder are not.

In the USA, murder and blood and chainsaws in the head are okay, but a breast is not.

Which country is more narrow-minded again?

EDIT: I misunderstood your post. I apologize.

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robotnik3746d ago

Are you sure this is not fake? I can understand they ban this game in Japan, but Germany sounds weird to me...

Mc Fadge3746d ago

The first one wasn't allowed there

Lumbo3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

First one was denied rating, and consequently was placed on the "danger to minors" list hence no advertising, no public showing, only way to get it was to buy it from a software store "below the counter" and this rules out gamestop and every mall and superstore as they do not sell games without rating.

Though it is a freaking SIMPLE thing to just buy it online in austria and get it shipped in 2 days via mail ... *rolleyes*

I buy most of my games in the UK nowadays cause the prices are better there (even with the added shipping costs) and i get the EU version with my native language anyways :p

Actually most demos released on US PSN have all the languages already ...

sinncross3746d ago

Strange, gears did fairly well in Japan if i recall (for the type of game and console it was on anyways).

I wonder if Resistance 2 will not be released there... would work in Sony's favour if it isn't.

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