Square Targets Existing Fans with Chrono Trigger Adverts

Square Enix have taken an interesting approach to marketing the upcoming Nintendo DS remake of the Super Nintendo Classic Chrono Trigger, marketing it directly at those who have already played, completed and have nostalgia for the game. But are they cutting out that all important new market who have never even heard of Chrono Trigger?

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PS360WII3649d ago

Who hasn't heard of Chrono! Besides I do think they remade this game for the fans... if new players do buy it all the better

ReTarDedFisHy3648d ago

Chrono Trigger ftw.
One of the top RPGs of all-time.
In my personal list, the 2nd.

Drano3648d ago

This ad owns.

Jump Beyond.

eXo83648d ago

I wish this was a remake instead of a port, doesn't look like anything special. I'd rather just play it on my cell phone with a SNES emulator.

I like the ad a lot though, brings back a lot of memories with arguably the best rpg of all time.

angel199x3648d ago

yeah dunno why they keep calling it a remake, when its obviously a port with a couple new additions. square got lazy they should of continued what the did with like the FF3 and 4.