Obama Girl sings for Howard Ackerman in Red Alert 3 promo song

Do you know Obama Girl? It's the online name of Amber Lee Ettinger. She's known on the internet for her vocal tribute to Barack Obama. Electronic Arts has hooked up with the sexy girl. Now she's praising the words of Howard T. Ackerman, president of the United Staten Of America in the game Red Alert 3.

Her song "Let's screw 'em all with Howard T. Ackerman" is to be found on the official Red Alert website and on YouTube. Red Alert 3 will be released on PC and Xbox 360.

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Kareshi_X3744d ago



PALIN IS A V.I.L.F and Mcain is just not strong enough to handle all of that!

Armyless3744d ago

in telling people to "vote" for a socialist.

Josh1billion3744d ago

Negative bubbles for 1.1.

Ateanboy3744d ago

This girl is a fvcking moron...

Not only that, but she isn't even hot.

She's definitely fvuckable...but nowhere near "hot".

Armyless3744d ago

Do you know what a socialist is?

Disagree and 'pop

CliffordM Bleszinski3744d ago

obama isnt really a socialist. its just that some of his policies are similar to socialism and mccain isnt a conservative either. he cant decide whether hes a left wing or a right wing. thats why dont i wont vote.

AAACE53743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Someone used the word "Socialist"... Haha... You probably believe in that Conservative and Liberal crap as well? All that crap was born based on elected officials personal beliefs, and everyone else just following. In reality, most of the stuff they preach never gets solved, so it doesn't matter.

If you have a problem with the idea of having a black man as president... I understand! I don't agree with you if you do, because it says that you are racist and stupid, and will never get anywhere in life with such negativity!

Republicans only care about those with money! John McCain has 7 houses that he owns. Do you own your house? Cause if you are making payments, that house can be easily taken away if you lost your job or something!

Republicans have at least a couple hundred thousand dollars in the bank, are well invested in the stock market, own their own business, or have some kind of high ranking position in a company.

Obama said that he would cut taxes for those making under $200,000, which translates to about 95% of our country! That would help boost our economy, cause americans would have slightly more money to pay their bills and shop! While the big fish (real republicans) who have been getting rich off of our nations decline, will have to pay back what was took!

Only downside to Obama's plan is that the people who aren't working might see some of the money. But overall it will help our economy because people will be shopping and spending. I'm sure all those people who lost their job when their company shut it's doors or moved out of the country thought that they were republicans at some point, until reality set in!

One thing that sheltered people don't realize is... With the unemployment rate getting higher and higher... There will be more people willing to do anything to provide for their family... including robbing you while you are cashing your check, or breaking into your house.

Polotics are all about money, just like most other things in life! All of that Lib / Conserv crap is just a smoke screen!

I want our nation to become prosperous again! I want there to be an abundance of jobs in america! I want america to become great again, and not just a shadow of it's former self!

I don't like the fact that we have our military streatched so thin that they are borderline unorganized, and that other countries are getting bolder by the day, and are testing us to see if we will react to them accordingly, or are we scared cause we are running low on money and resources!

Point is... Our nation right now is F**ked! And there are too many Dumb Sh*t that are too stupid to see that we are extremely vulnerable to all types of outside influence! Idiots basing their votes on who believes in abortion or not... Are you serious?

I'm voting for Obama, cause I see the true condition of our country! And he seems to want things to get better. And doesn't have the plan of Mccain/Palin, where they are serving the same recipe that Bush fed up, and are just masking it with different wordings and charms.... "I'm not fooled!"

The sheltered ones might not have noticed how things have changed for the worst so far, so they may not agree with me, but you need to take a closer look!

For those still confused... Rebubs are represented by an elephant, meaning they are the big fish with the money, power and say so! Dems are represented by the mule, meaning the working class who have limited funds, no real power and no real say so as to what happens next!

Want to find out which one you are? Go try to buy a house or a car tomorrow and pay for it in full on the spot.... Don't worry... You're a rebublican... you have the cash and then some!

AAACE53743d ago

It's funny that you are concerned about weather Obama is a socialist, when having a Repub (Bush) in off has moved us closer to being a communist country... "Wake up people!"

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Dmack793744d ago

That "obama girl" is nothing but a slut. this shouldn't have been approved...

CliffordM Bleszinski3744d ago

id rather vote for ackerman than obama or mccain. unfortunately he's not in the ballot at least i dont think he is. i guess i have no choice but to vote for myself.

Bleszinski 08