Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg Talks Playground Games’ Unannounced Game: “A Big, Big Exclusive Game”

Playground Games is working on a new game that is also a rather intriguing secret. While some believe it's a new Fable, DualShockers asked Aaron Greenberg about it.

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gangsta_red2122d ago

I really don't understand why it has to be a secret. We know they're working on something, just say what it is. This goes for other companies as well.

Anyways...cant wait to see what these guys are making. Not a racing fan but I can't deny how gorgeous their Horizon series are. If they can make some type of action game with the same visuals then I'm 100 on board.

Jinger2122d ago

I'd rather them not announce it until it's only a year or 2 max from releasing. I don't even like these kind of tease articles.

Cmv382122d ago

Yeah, but you now know it exist....so what's the difference at this point. He should have just said nothing then. This is a big deal.

81BX2122d ago

Agreed. I'd rather not know so we avoid crackdown3/the last guardian type of situation

Sciurus_vulgaris2122d ago

Non-disclosures where signed and established years ago. I personally, think games should not be announced until they are 1 year from launch. Playground Game's Open-World RPG (very likely Fable) probably has a dev cycle of 4-5 years.

Vandamme212122d ago ShowReplies(1)
DarkVoyager2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

“Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg Talks Playground Games’ Unannounced Game: “A Big, Big Exclusive Game”

He also said Quantum Break was a masterpiece and people buy Xbox because they have the biggest exclusives.

I’d never trust anything that comes from Greenberg.

I’m 99% sure Playground Games are making Fable.

DigitalRaptor2122d ago

Aaron's job means to flip flop for the sake of marketing, so those things you mentioned are completely true, and he won't stop doing these things to hype up the Xbox brand. I don't doubt that Playground are capable of big things though. Forza Horizon 3 is the shining star of the Xbox lineup of games this generation.

No Way2122d ago

vandamme .... terrible attempt, good riddance, man.

sampsonon2122d ago

Sony announces games at least 3 to 4 years before they come out.
this way they keep their base interested in the console.

NeoGamer2322122d ago

I hate it when companies announce games that are more than a year away. To me, that is vaporware and they should not do it. It is too hard to predict if a game will be done in over a year. Especially if it is new and innovative. These things take time and need to incubate properly.

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Spurg2122d ago

I hope it's not Fable, Rare should be the one taking on Fable.

yarbie10002122d ago

If you played Rares last empty creation, you'd know Fable isn't a game that needs a empty world with beautiful water

Jinger2122d ago

Rare isn't the Rare it once was. Even if I still enjoy SoT, you can't argue that it lacks content and you can't have an RPG with barely any content.

Razzer2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

God no. Keep Rare far away from Fable.

King_Noctis2122d ago

Not taking anything away from Rare (they are still a great dev) but this point Playground Is a much better dev than Rare.

Obscure_Observer2122d ago


"I hope it's not Fable, Rare should be the one taking on Fable."

RARE is working on a new IP

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gamer78042122d ago

Probably fable, but was hoping for a serious rpg heavy on character and story

TheCommentator2121d ago

I wouldn't expect the same Fable as before, with the people that have been hired on so far. With the talent I'm seeing, I have a feeling it'll have a similar charm and art style, but be more focused on RPG and combat.

Check out this article about the talent and you'll see why I feel this way:


bigmalky2122d ago

Here's our big news... It's a secret.

Usual MS bullshit.

King_Noctis2122d ago

Yeah no company in existence ever tease a game before.

bigmalky2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Yeah, but the other companies don't have a history of promising great games and then don't deliver or cancel said great games.

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