Dallas News: NBA 2K9 Review

Dallas News: "There are more severe problems. First, the game makers apparently didn't read the NBA rulebook all that closely. Any semi-serious NBA follower knows that, if a player is fouled and injured in the act of shooting, and is so severely injured that he cannot shoot his free throws, then not only is that player forbidden from re-entering the game, but the opposing team gets to choose which of the injured player's teammates will shoot the shots. Well, I clobbered Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning as he went up for a jumper. He crumpled and retreated to the locker room, unable to crawl to the stripe. Just when I was considering which stone-handed towel-waver I was going to yank off Miami's bench, though, the computer subbed in a player automatically and let him shoot. Somewhere, Marv Albert is spinning in his grave."

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