Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg Talks Learnings from Xbox One Generation to Carry Into Next-Gen

Aaron Greenberg talks about the most valuable lesson he learned during the Xbox One generation, which he will carry into the next one. It's all about the fans.

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Razzer419d ago

"I’m really proud that this leadership team that’s in place is the team that has been leading the business kinda post-Xbox One launch"

Don Mattrick's ears must be buzzing right about now.

Skull521418d ago

I’m happy as long as they’ve learned the lesson that hardcore Xbox players want the most powerful console hardware, and there is every indication they know this. And keep up the good work listening to fan feedback, I’ve never seen any consumer product updated so frequently to address issues or add features the community wants, it’s remarkable.

Ricegum418d ago

Oh come on. Do you believe the stuff you write? What about better games?

DigitalRaptor418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

How can they ensure that Xbox has the most powerful console hardware next-gen?

We're going to be experiencing some monumental flip-flopping if it doesn't. Pricing it at $499? That's not going to work out well for them, so I wonder what the balance will be next-gen. It's going to be a very interesting race.

conanlifts417d ago

@digitalRaptor. "How can they ensure that Xbox has the most powerful console hardware next-gen?"

My guess is they will remake the XBox X, like they did with the S and release this as a budget Xbox 2. Then for power they will release a higher priced premium version so those who care about power have the choice. This would potentially offer the cheapest and most expensive options for next gen.

indysurfn417d ago

The community want consistant supply of 1st party AAA games, and have for over 12 years.

rainslacker417d ago

So basically, MS will just wait for Sony to reveal their specs, then make something more powerful? I have more respect for them making what they believe will be important for the generation, even if its the wrong choice, than constantly chasing after Sony.

MS would be in a very bad position if they keep releasing their system after Sony manages to get a foothold every generation. I suspect next gen MS will release after Sony, but that's just the timing of the X1X/PS4P thing. After that, MS won't want to let Sony have a long lead over them. The only way to really up Sony on specs is to release later because it takes time to design a system and get it to market.

Dragonscale417d ago

@skull, listening to fan feedback is why xbone is where it is.

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Godmars290417d ago

What good is "The Most Powerful Console" if there's only 3rd party titles to play on it? What if the difference in power is only slight, while the "weaker" system has exclusives?

Its been proven many times before that games are more important than system power. Much like how its been shown that MS weakness is providing exclusive content.

Nodoze417d ago

There are alternate uses for the most powerful platforms.....

conanlifts417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

The majority of games played on any console are usually third party. I get through anywhere from 6-8 exclusives per year at the most, on both xbox and ps4. In contrast I get through about 20 third party games.

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Apocalypse Shadow419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

**and if you’re seeing what the team has done there around backward compatibility, around innovation with hardware, around things like the Elite controller, all the innovation, and so much of that comes from listening to our fans.**

Not once did he mention exclusive games, quality of exclusive games or amount of first party exclusive games.

Good hardware. But that's not listening to the gamer. That's more a reaction to their competitor whooping their butt more than 2 to 1 and thinking hardware and features sell consoles.

Games sell consoles. Maybe they should listen to gamers who are no longer fans after the first xbox as it sits in the closet. More consoles might have been purchased to sit right next to it. But RROD prevented that and the DRM fiasco.

showtimefolks418d ago

Nintendo had stayed in business without a lot of 3rd party support but having awesome exclusives. Games matters more than any other feature or service

PhoenixUp418d ago

I still can’t believe Microsoft went the entire generation without establishing a new flagship franchise.

I guess you can say Minecraft but they bought that after it was already released and it’s not even exclusive to them

Razzer418d ago

This gen was horrible for Xbox.

Apocalypse Shadow418d ago

Hey phoenix, that's the microsoft way, they buy it.

They didn't create halo. They bought it. Didn't create gears. They bought it. Didn't create minecraft. They bought it. Only thing really theirs is forza. But that's just a casual copy of GT.

Everything they learned this Gen is how to be more like Sony. Because, being Microsoft isn't working.

Krangs_Uncle418d ago

They are talking, but are they really saying anything?!

Sitdown418d ago

Let's just be honest, you have a problem with Microsoft. The fact that you say Forza is a casual copy of GT screams sadness. They created Sea of Thieves, but go ahead and dismiss it.

RememberThe357418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Not too hard to dismiss Sea of Theifs, not much of a game changer yet.

But MS is a publisher and platform holder, all they do is buy, that's their role. Sony does the same thing, albeit a bit better. But trying to cut down MS for being itself is sort of dumb. Sony doesn't create, they facilitate, they're just better at it nowadays. MS made a choice to rely on third partys and they've been able to stay afloat. They've lost a lot of money over the years and they have to be cautious about their investments. They weren't with the 360 or the One so I really think they're trying to learn from this gen and give themselves a real foundation to build on. That doesn't show much, but we've seen glimpses of more maturity from them and I think that bodes well for the future.

Although I'm not too hip on their new subscription service. Seems like an other step backwards.

KickSpinFilter418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Sea of Thief's? (Possible Flagship)
PUBG (Flagship) until released on PS4
Sunset Overdrive? (Prob Not)
Cuphead? (niche)
Ryse? No
Quantum Break? No
Ori (niche)
Detroit (niche)
Second Son (No)
DriveClub (I Wish)
The Order (No)
Horizon Zero Dawn (Flagship)
Spiderman (Maybe Flagship)
Days Gone (Prob not)
Dreams (niche)
Ghost of Tsushima (Maybe Flagship)
Bloodborne (niche)
The Last Guardian (niche)
ARMS (niche)
Splatoon (Flagship)
Sony seems to be the leader on that in the coming future.

Jay767417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

Days gone is probably going get a sequel if it do well bend hint at it in interviews.

letsa_go417d ago

How hard is it to spell thieves?

PhoenixUp418d ago

@ Apoc

The difference is at least Halo & Gears of War debuted exclusively on an Xbox console and sold a lot of systems while doing so. Can’t say the same for Minecraft in that regard.

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XiNatsuDragnel418d ago

Chill and continue to learn as you go as all companies should

akaFullMetal418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

That's really the attitude we should have with Microsoft. There is definitely criticism we can throw at them but if they truly learn from this gen and put that forward to next gen they should be a very attract and good competitor in the market. Which we can all agree is what everyone should want in the end, especially after seeing this gen.
Just like with everything we will have to wait and see.

Rude-ro418d ago

After 30 years in software and 16 in home consoles... it just takes baby steps to figure out how to work the crowd.
“Do not sell what the people want, make them buy what you are selling”
Bill gates

Apocalypse Shadow417d ago

Rude gets it. Most don't know the truth of this company.

rainslacker417d ago

Many successful products from from companies making products that people didn't realize they wanted.

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