Xbox's Aaron Greenberg Pledges Commitment to Japanese Games: "Japanese Content Is Important"

Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg know full well the importance of Japanese games for the fans, and pledges to continue to grow Japanese content.

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XiNatsuDragnel419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Oh boy Aaron chill a little bit let's show than see.

Brave_Losers_Unite418d ago

They literally say the same crap every year

shuvam09418d ago

I fking hate that guy and the other Nelson guy...

Aceman18418d ago

I would never buy another Japanese made game on xbox again. I'll either buy them on playstation or Nintendo consoles.

TheCommentator418d ago

... and people wonder why Japanese games don't sell on Xbox. This literally makes no sense other than to hate on something.

rainslacker417d ago

This is just MS annual, "we're committed to Japanese game" comment.

I think MS problem here is that most people who play, or are most likely to enjoy Japanese content, don't really feel that MS or the Xbox is that important.

The big Japanese titles MS is still likely to get. That stuff is important for them to get. MS knows it I'm sure. They've never really had a problem with that.

It's the other 80% of Japanese content they don't get that they seem to have a problem getting, or at least retaining, and they never seem to go into it with enough sustained effort to really make a difference in the long haul....which is why the Otaku gamer doesn't really think MS or Xbox is that relevant to them.

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Spurg419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Shenmue 3, Ni no Kuni, Persona 5, Yakuza and many more that are ps exclusive because Ms doesn't push through to the publishers and get them on their consoles. It's only recently that Japanese publishers have been releasing their games on the PC market and finding great success there, they should give Xbox a go.

Truth is those Japanese developers don't find the point of releasing on Xbox because of the lack of interest mostly by the western gamers. The Xbox is hard to sell to Japanese gamers but if not hardware then a service can provide a step forward. With a cheap service like Gamepass, they can find a place in the Japanese market. If Microsoft is able the provide a streamable service on a mobile platform they can really garner great interest. This would allow Japanese developers to release their games exclusively on Gamepass and allow Japanese and western gamers to try the game at a low cost instead of investing a lot of money buying full priced games.

The Japanese game industry is in a bit of a limbo right now. With developers like Fromsoft and Square enix releasing games like dark souls and Nier, which are akin to western style games and on the other hand, there is the traditional style of Japanese games such as Ni No Kuni and Xenoblade. This sort of disparity shows the conflict within the Japanese's gaming industry and this lack of focus is making its industry lag behind the western gaming industry. Microsoft needs to entice these developers to release their games on gamepass which allow it to garner an audience in the west.

I know there will be many people saying Japan shouldn't waste their time with Xbox because their audience won't buy it because they are more multiplayer centric. That is by far one biggest generalization who can make, if the game is good enough they will get those games and It all got to do with how the game is marketed in the west and how much people talk about it as well.

MasterCornholio419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Even with Japanese games I don't believe Xbox will do alot better in Japan. Many Japanese are loyal to Nintendo and Sony and to convince them to change platforms is going to be extremely difficult.

But yes having godly JRPGs like Persona 5 is never a bad thing for Xbox.

CloudStrife900419d ago

^ This!

I would never suggest that Xbox turns their back on Japanese gamers, but I think at this point in this gen, it's too little too late. These are realisations that MS should have opened the gen with, not closed it.

ThoedEssay773418d ago

It's plain and simple, they wont buy a Xbox becuase it's American!

rainslacker417d ago


At the start of the gen, as it was with the 360, actually made an effort to get Japanese games on the system. They did better on the 360 for sure. This gen, I think they partnered with 5pb. A good publisher for the kinds of games they publish, but its not exactly going to tear up the charts, or sway people who like those kinds of games to get an Xbox....particularly when the competition has 10 times as many of those kinds of games, and a fan base that is already pretty loyal to a brand other than Xbox.

Apocalypse Shadow418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Why release on game pass? That's just losing money instead of making it. The point of a publisher is to make money, not to get noticed for almost free.

How is a publisher supposed to make money when MS is offering deals like game pass for $2 for 2 months? Would be ridiculous to release on there without a fat check from MS to make up any difference in sales potential.

And as for Japanese games, xbox 360 and its fans nearly destroyed traditional style Japanese games coming to the west. Said derogatory names about them and didn't buy them.

Do you really believe this hype man who works for a company that didn't even create Japanese studios this Gen to promote their style of games to the west or Japanese gamers on Xbox one?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Spurg418d ago

It's clear that you didn't comprehend what I wrote.

Let me break it down in simple terms:

-Putting the game on Gamepass would lead to exposure of the games, something that the Japanese publishers have a hard time doing.
-People subscribed to Gamepass would see the game they would give it a go. They would get access to the game without paying a full price, which is a barrier for most people. (Think of Gamepass as a place where you can demo games)
-If they like what they see, then the buy it. (Putting the game on Game pass doesn't mean the game isn't out in retail.)

Sea of thieves and State of decay are making more money from retail and that because they have been exposed.

Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

"How is a publisher supposed to make money when MS is offering deals like Gamepass for $2?"

The publisher making money isn't of anyone's concern. They have their own monopoly on how to make money. It very obvious that Ms would have to pay for the game to be on Gamepass and it would be similar to how Netflix and amazon prime gets their Movies and Tv shows from entertainment companies on their service. And to come back to what I was saying, if Japanese games release on Xbox Gamepass then they are more likely to get exposed and make more sales from it. This would mean Japanese developers would make games for Xbox for that exposure and out of that Japan would release exclusives for Xbox.

Also, nice try attempting to feel for the publishers by mentioning the $2(which is a temporary deal), as if you care. I don't know how old you're but you need to apply a little bit of thinking next time you comment.

"And as for Japanese games, Xbox 360 and its fans nearly destroyed traditional style Japanese games coming to the west. Said derogatory names about them and didn't buy them."

You mean, they didn't sell well. Last time I checked Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, The last remnant and Tales of Vesperia all played traditionally as they did.

Spurg418d ago

Part 2

"Do you really believe this hype man who works for a company that didn't even create Japanese studios this Gen to promote their style of games to the west on Xbox one?"

I'm just gonna bring up a comment I made on a previous page which explaining the mess Phil had to deal with.

'Don Mattrick and Steve Balmer set Xbox back a decade worth of games and studios with what they did. I want Ms to go back to the early year of the X360 when they were proper dishing out games like crazy. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and a plethora of Jrpg that were exclusive. X360 had everything in their bag to win last gen but they blew it all by focusing on Kinect in 2010 and that was the last year Ms blew it out of the park with exclusive.

If we had Phil and Satya in charge back then they would have made the smart decision of acquiring Bioware early on and secured Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Satya loves gaming and he's is the one who asks how can we help Xbox become better, you can tell he supports gaming when as soon as he was made CEO his first acquisition was a gaming company.

Phil had a lot of mess to clean up post-E3 2013 and it took a couple of years to clean the tarnished image of Xbox. Xbox had an overreliance on third-party Ip really had a bad impact on the image of Xbox as well. Ryse by Crytec, Sunset Overdrive by Insomniac, Quantum break by Remedy, Recore by Level 5 Comcept, Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamic and many more third-party games. And this is what failed Scalebound and Phantom dust and probably what made Phil think about how he finance his future games. Phil planned to make new IPs but it had to be made with studios that were under his supervision and within the Microsoft studios. In Sep 2017 when he was promoted to the senior leadership team, he reports directly to Satya himself. And it comes with no coincidence that after his promotion, at E3 2018, he announces the acquisition of 5 studios.'

conanlifts418d ago

There have been a lot of cases of game sales increasing once they go on gamespass. Rocket league is an example. People are possibly using the promotional offers to try games. They can then purchase them at a discounted price. So putting games on gamepass can create sales.

rainslacker417d ago

The only incentive I can see for the devs in those cases is if MS actually funded the port of the game, and paid the licensing fee.

I can't see how just porting a game for MS benefit would really help them. Yeah, more people would play their games, but many of the games we're talking about here are kind of a one and done thing.

I don't see the reason why these devs would try and get people to buy their games on Xbox like that. The audience just isn't there, and while exposure may help in the long term, its likely to move people towards systems which offer a much bigger selection of those kinds of games.

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zodiac909418d ago

Jeez man do you get paid to write these essay of explanation on N4G?? If not, it's kinda sad you got nothing better to do with your time LOL

Bronxs15418d ago

I think it’s kind of sad that someone obviously loves video games and has a passion for them and enjoys talking about it. And is sharing his thoughtful options on the matter and you find that sad. It’s more sad that you come to make negative comments to try and shame someone who loves video games when you yourself have nothing worth while to say or add to the conversation . It’s ironic because you’re the one with nothing better to do. At least the other guys talking about his passion what are you doing with your comment that ends in LOL ?

zodiac909418d ago

@Bronxs15 You sound just as triggered as him mate. Welcome to N4G btw.

Spurg418d ago

How to writing sad?
You do realize you are part of this sad community of gamers that visit gaming websites to pass the time.
I like to write long and thoughtful explanations and if you don't like reading then it's just you. This is something I use to publish on other websites, so if you think it's a waste of time then you should think again because I make money from it.

Bronxs15418d ago

Great comments dude. But your wasting your time on n4g like ms wasting time in Japan. Look at your disagrees you’re in ps fanboy central. Word of advice take your comments and thoughts to more constructive communities like the Xbox or gaming subreddits over at reddit. Not saying don’t comment here. There’s still ppl like me thst like reading good comments but you’ll get better and less bias dialogues going at a place like Reddit

conanlifts418d ago

Never used reddit, are people more open to discussions on that.

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gangsta_red419d ago

If anything MS with their current interest in purchasing studios should either purchase or create a Japanese studio.

That studio could then make Japanese games with a Western appeal in the same way Namco, Square and Capcom does.

With so many Japanese studios releasing their games on PC, there really isn't any reason to not release that same game on Xbox even if it is just digitally as Neir did.

This is only if MS is actually serious about Japan.

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419d ago
DigitalRaptor418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Aaron is a marketing guy so why he's promising anything to do with delivering Japanese games, I don't know.

We keeping hearing the same song and dance about Microsoft's commitment to Japanese games, PC gaming, etc. They've always had pretty decent third-party Japanese game support, they've tried acquiring exclusive rights to Japanese games in the past, but it doesn't last and when these games don't sell they drop it like it's hot. Only to pick it up again the next generation rather than seeing it through. True commitment is opening studios in the country, helping them grow and making authentic experiences that are not only good, but different and risky. Can't say I blame them for being apprehensive, but Rome wasn't built in a day.

Spurg418d ago

There are lots of things that happened with Xbox post 2010 and why Xbox didn't follow through with Japanese studios.
Phil has mended the bonds with Bandai Namco that Don mattrick damaged with his mismanagement of their games in the past.
Now all Phil needs to do is hire someone competent enough to lead Xbox in Japan.
I mentioned above a strategy with game pass and how they could get Japanese publishers to release games on Xbox.

Another majors thing Phil should do to gain massive presence in Japan is, straight up go to Konami and buy them up. Konami is up to no good and their franchise is laying dormant. These franchises already have a following and will sell ifs takes charge of them.

DigitalRaptor418d ago

How did Don Mattrick damage Xbox's bonds with Bandai Namco? That publisher has been releasing games on Xbox One all generation. That makes no sense.

Why is it a good idea for them to buy Konami, not even a well respected Japanese publisher, and an actively hated one? What good games, with positive word of mouth, does that provide them? Metal Gear will never be anything worthwhile for anyone without a guiding light like Kojima and his crazy storytelling. Silent Hill has been a niche franchise for going on 15 years now and you expect Microsoft of all publishers to make it relevant?

It's weird how you say "all Phil has to do", as if it's that simple or foreseeable.

Chevalier418d ago

What the heck? Bandai Namco had so many exclusives on the 360? How was that a bad relationship?!!!

Culdcept, Ace Combat, Beautiful Katamari, Tales of Vesparia, Magnacarta were exclusive to the 360 then add in that they actually got Tekken, Soul Calibur, DBZ, Naruto, Dark Souls and all the biggest Bandai Namco games were on 360 as well. If anything its the most franchises from Bandai to ever hit a Microsoft system. Whereas name a Bandai Namco exclusive on Xbox One?!!!

Spurg418d ago

You do realise that Tales of xilia, Tales of xilia 2, Tales of zeteria, and Tales of Besteria and currently not on Xbox right. There are many more like one of the Ace series was exclusive to Xbox and one of the Tekken didn't release on Xbox. All that happened past 2010 when the suits at Ms abandoned Japan to focus on kinect.
I have no link to the board that was discussing this but I know that Bandai Namco found that Ms were really hard to work with and it was then that their traditional Japanese games were not being released on Xbox

rainslacker417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

All that happened because most of those games didn't sell exceptionally well on the Xbox, and Sony just had too big of a install base to ignore and MS wasn't ponying up the cash for those games anymore.

That isn't a soured relationship, that's just that MS paid them to get all those games exclusive, or MS used to have an install base that couldn't be ignored and were seen as a easy way into the western market, and when they weren't paying, or when they realized its not just as easy as release it on Xbox, Namco didn't see any reason to release it on a system with half the install base, for a platform which those games didn't sell well in the first place. Namco doesn't even release more than 25% of their games to western markets as is, so they certainly aren't going to be making Xbox ports for them.

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