Xbox Exec Talks Investment, Single Player, & More: "Gaming Is Playing a Bigger Role in the Company"

Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg talks about the efforts made by Microsoft to diversify the content created by its first party studios.

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Spurg423d ago

Ninja theory is a single player developer
The Initiative has a Darrell Gallagher who rebboted the new Tomb Raider.
Playground games are working on an RPG game.

MasterCornholio423d ago

Hopefully they can produce some quality single player games. Unfortunately it may take them some time to produce single player games on the level of Sony or Nintendo 1st party studios. I mean developers like Naughty Dog were not created overnight.

Anyways I'm I interested to see what they will produce for my One X.

fiveby9423d ago

I'm interested but still skeptical at this point. It will take several years to see if MS studios foster creative developers or rush their content to produce lackluster games. Look how long it took Sony Santa Monica to produce God of War. Some of these studios need that kind of time and freedom to produce quality games. Only time will tell.

b163o1423d ago

Completely agree with MasterCornholio, they should be gearing up for nextGen imo. If they want to get themselves in a decent position they need to be looking at next gen, cause this race is over, and that's not hate or anything just reality...

TheCommentator423d ago

On the bright side, at least we know that in time things will change. Before, we all just had to sit and wonder about if it would ever happen!

TheCommentator423d ago

@ b163o1

You don't understand how MS is designing their games systems to work. There's no such things as generations... Scarlett will just be a more powerful Xbox. So while MS may ditch the OG XB1 when Scarlett arrives, or possibly even use it as a Scarlett streaming device, the 1X will become the budget Xbox for playing local software from the HDD. 1X will play "next gen" games in 1080p and Scarlett will play them in 4K.

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King_Noctis423d ago

You are right and I don’t know why people downvotes you.

Rude-ro423d ago

History and their over use of empty promises over the last 8 years as far as doing what it takes to BE a gaming company.
They can fix everything.. but there is a huge difference between getting into the gaming business vs being in the software business for 30 years and having a history of not being a gaming business while having a console.
Ie trust, or confidence, needs to be rebuilt.

KickSpinFilter423d ago

Ya great for next Gen, this gen to short of development cycle left.

King_Noctis423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

I mean a new Gears and Halo was just announced for the X1, and at this point we’ll hear something about the new Fable soon too. And don’t forget games like FH4, Ori, and Crackdown 3 are still set to release on the X1.

No matter how much people wanna scream “ohhh but itz ovah for da X” MS is still releasing games for it.

Razzer423d ago

"I mean a new Gears and Halo was just announced for the X1"

Which means you won't see either of them until 2020 at the earliest.

Dragonscale423d ago

@king, it is over for them this gen but they've still got to support xbone if they are gonna continue next gen.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod423d ago

Too little too late...they abandoned their core fans with X1 and they have been in gaming for 15 years...why has it taken this long? MS talks a lot of talk then changes ona dime. They are the masters of over promise, under deliver. It's basically a big FU to those who got X1 at's like saying "Hey thanks for buying our will have to wait until the next box before you see much investment in first party".

Phil Spencer was head of their studios in the 360 days, the mess they are in largely falls at his feet.

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Ausbo423d ago

Phil Spencer had bosses to answer to when he was head of the studios. Also balmer was CEO. They didn’t care about Xbox. It’s not a coincidence that the second after Spencer got into the senior leadership, he bought all kinds of studios

423d ago
annoyedgamer423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

I wouldn't trust Spencer if I was you, everything he does seems calculated, and it isn't very compelling. From the way he sits at interviews and looks at the other speakers to the way he changes his Xbox live profile, he seems to be a fan of whatever new thing is hot on Xbox at the time. "hey gaiz i'm a big fan this is great". I want the Xbox to relive the glory days since I have exclusively bought Xbox consoles since the 360 days but Phil is still just a corporate suit who knows a little about games.

goldwyncq423d ago

For this generation yes, it's too late. But what they've been doing lately seems to be building a solid foundation for their next generation console.

Goldby423d ago

Which they did last gen before the release of the x1.

Slowed down development of 360 games to launch with alot of exclusives for the new console.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod423d ago

So what were they doing during the Xbox original and 360? Which Phil had a large part in/ I rest my case.

Anyone trying toe xcuse Spencer but give him all the credit has no idea how business or any of this works.

AngelicIceDiamond423d ago

Its on you to twist all kinds of negativity in your head nobody is stopping you but its unhealthy to give yourself that negative narrative to attempt to not see the positive that MS is actually doing for themselves currently. Don Mattrick and Steve Ballmer at the time were the ones in charge of Xbox not Phil. Phil just like other gaming leads in the division had no say in creative, they made you think they did but he didn't. X1 was doomed even before the X1 reveal if you look what they did with at the tail end 360. An all around entertainment platform with Kinect sports yadda yadda.

MS has had history of suits trying to change Xbox at every turn. From hardcore gaming to casual gaming (Kinect) to sports Tv, Tv, Netflix etc now currently back to gaming. I know what you're thinking "How can we trust MS to stay the course of gaming this time around? Well look at history. Kinect was successful initially then failed. Sports, TV etc good concept but failed where were the games? So why would they go back to other buissness models if they failed and tarnished the Xbox name? Gaming has been the superior factor for the Xbox I mean obviously its an games console.

Sports/TV Kinect casual gaming were all cover ups so MS didn't have to invest in 1st party they didn't want to face their own reality which is beyond sorry. That's why Phil struggled so long to build up 1st party its not a over night thing especially with so many suits and philosophy's being thrown around in the past 7 or 8 years when its simply just about the games.

Spurg423d ago

Very well said....but you do realize he's a troll right.

Don Mattrick and Steve Balmer set Xbox back a decade worth of games and studios with what they did.
I want Ms to go back to the early year of the X360 when they were proper dishing out games like crazy. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and a plethora of Jrpg that were exclusive. X360 had everything in their bag to win last gen but they blew it all by focusing on Kinect in 2010 and that was the last year Ms blew it out of the park with exclusive.
If we had Phil and Satya in charge back then they would have made the smart decision of acquiring Bioware early on and secured Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Satya loves gaming and he's is the one who asks how can we help Xbox become better, you can tell he supports gaming when as soon as he was made CEO his first acquisition was a gaming company.

Phil had a lot of mess to clean up post-E3 2013 and it took a couple of years to clean the tarnished image of Xbox. Xbox had an overreliance on third-party Ip really had a bad impact on the image of Xbox as well. Ryse by Crytec, Sunset Overdrive by Insomniac, Quantum break by Remedy, Recore by Level 5 Comcept, Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamic and many more third-party games. And this is what failed Scalebound and Phantom dust and probably what made Phil think about how he finance his future games. Phil planned to make new IPs but it had to be made with studios that were under his supervision and within the Microsoft studios. In Sep 2017 when he was promoted to the senior leadership team, he reports directly to Satya himself. And it comes with no coincidence that after his promotion, at E3 2018, he announces the acquisition of 5 studios.

Now with these new studios, he can really push them to amazing new IPs. Ms first party studios have always produced amazing AAA experiences and under the helm of Ms, they can thrive even more. But the existing studios need to reshuffle into teams to accommodate new IPs as well.


343 industry- Halo and New ip

The Coalition -Gears of war and New IP

Turn 10-Forza and new IP

Rare- Sea of thieves and many more Rare IP or new IP

Lift London-New IP

Mojang- Minecraft and new IP

Ninja Theory- New IP

The Initiative- New IP

Playground games- Forza horizon and New IP

Undead Labs- State of decay and new IP

Compulsion games- New IP

Also, Phil is eminent that he will acquire more studios.

Obscure_Observer423d ago (Edited 423d ago )


Well said! Some people think that to one clean up all the mess Mattrick did to Xbox at the same time turn it into an actual gaming console focused on games and deliver tons of AAA games is an easy task.

Mistakes had been made and maybe some bad decisions has been taken, but in the end, Phil has been successful on deliver his vision for Xbox. First he got the service and network fixed. Then hardware, and now (finally) he´s focusing on games! First party studios and games!

No matter what some people have to say about his tenure on Xbox. Phil Spencer is the man responsible for turn things around for better on Xbox after Mattrick who had almost destroyed the brand. And he´ll always be remembered for his achievements.

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Razzer423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Will be nice to finally see some quality first party content from Microsoft. Xbox One has had to have had the weakest first party library from a console since before the PS2/Xbox era. And we probably will not see the fruits of MS' beefed up studios until next gen. Thank goodness for Forza or this generation would have been nothing but a train wreck for Xbox.

zsquaresoff423d ago

Never seen a company change the goal post as much as Microsoft does.

Gamist2dot0423d ago

This whole gen they kept chasing money like EA and thinking they can predict the outcome when it keeps backfiring.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod423d ago

Thats their MO, they change direction on a dime and wonder why they keep getting their ass kicked lol. Sony always stuck with games first mentality, only exception seemed to be the launch of the PS3, and it burned them. MS changes based on the next trend.

inxine423d ago

all they do is talk alot of bs, show ur fans some actual change for once.

Christopher423d ago

Announcing 5 studios, some bought some new, isn't actual change?

inxine423d ago

buying studios isnt exactly change. imo anyways xD

TheSaint423d ago

It's hardly revolutionary, they (MS) need to produce something worth buying the console for.

Christopher422d ago

***It's hardly revolutionary, they (MS) need to produce something worth buying the console for.***

Today on putting the cart before the horse...

How do you think yo produce something worth buying? You create teams to do it. We might call those teams studios.

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