Snow Villiers Confirmed As Full Final Fantasy XIII Character Name

Yesterday we posted some scans from the latest edition of V-Jump Magazine, but they weren't complete and only showcased some of the information. Today we can bring you the full-sized scans which show much more detail.

The main finding is that while last week Mr. 33cm was confirmed was Snow, now he's been given a surname and is called Snow Villiers, which makes the name sound a little bit more respectable.

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dimitry213650d ago

we had cloud now we have lighting, snow whats next STROM :} I STILL LOVE FINAL FANTASY

aggh im on fire3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Thats well funny. Snow villiers ha ha. Maybe he will be joined by Wood Cabins.

robotnik3650d ago

At least he looks cool, not like Vaan, omg, I hate Vaan.