5 Ways EA is Setting Up Battlefield V for Failure

One of the biggest franchises in the FPS genre is Battlefield. The franchise set the standard for destruction squad-based combat that emphasized teamwork above everything else. The franchise has hit bumps along the road like the horrible netcode issues of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline's lack of eventful multiplayer options.

With Battlefield 1 the franchise had regained much of its popularity for trying something new and was released in a stable condition. Now with Battlefield V on the horizon, EA has shot themselves in the foot multiple times. Here are 5 ways EA has set up Battlefield V for failure.

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annoyedgamer1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

I remember the days when we used to criticize EA for re-releasing BF and Need For Speed games with new graphics. Things have gotten so bad, I would would actually love to see a re-release of BF3 or Bad Company 2 with a graphical upgrade. At least it prevents the hacks that pass as game devs from destroying these franchises overnight.

AnubisG1126d ago

Best thing EA released in years is the Burnout Paradise remaster. It was a half assed effort, they could have done a lot better but at least the game is great.

Dragonscale1126d ago

Agreed. Its the first ea game I've bought in about 4 years. Burnout deserves a reboot.

Nodoze1126d ago

Careful about asking for a reboot. It will be plagued with micro transactions, and other such crap. Hell at current rate I would say they would turn it into a battle royale title. Burnout battle royale.

Skull5211126d ago

I'm sure the company statements regarding poor sales have already been written, awaiting deployment, and pointing the finger at Trump supporters.

kevnb1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

The funny thing is titanfall 2 is by far the best multiplayer shooter they have released recently, yet they failed with that as well.

playnice1126d ago

I am actually looking forward to BFV I don't underatand all the hate... But I am still gonna hold off and wait to see a few reviews and impressions.

Lighter91126d ago

Way better games coming out in October, that's for sure. I'll be playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

Ricegum1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

People aren't criticising the quality of the much, it's more to do with the fact that EA have changed the history of the events of WW2 (for example, females on the front line with robotic arms), but then when interviewed about it they said if you don't like it, don't buy it. Hence, people are not happy.

madforaday1126d ago

You also have to remember BF 1 was also in the same boat before it came out. People didn't want the setting because lack of variety in weapon and vehicles. The longer TTK people didn't like. But BF 1 became their best selling BF game to date.

The reason why it was so popular was because they didn't really show much and the game was really good and ran well. I have no doubt about BF V, it is going to be a fun game that lasts awhile.

With that said, this year is VERY busy with a lot of games coming out that are pretty big.

bluefox7551126d ago

@Unreal01 It seems that when they said: "If you don't like it, don't buy it.", the public responded with a collective: "Okay, I won't."

Dragonscale1126d ago

@playnice, it's because of the inclusion of identity politics and calling people bigots for complaining. Get woke go broke lol.

kevnb1126d ago

The hype for a sequel has a lot to do with the previous entry, the last two games didnt go over as well with gamers.

T2X1126d ago

I'll be picking it up. I'm sure it will be fun like the previous ones. I always find it funny when people buy a game all the time each time one comes out and then each time a new game is releasing, they say "Hmmm...I don't know about this one". My guess is that it will be like the previous ones. Only WW2.

thorstein1126d ago

"I don't understand all the hate..."

Are you new here? The hate brigade comes out every so often and just hates the crap out of a game they will never play (nor never play) and then (usually) sales show that the hateboys have no idea what they are talking about.

annoyedgamer1126d ago

Its a Battle Royale game with microtransactions. Battlefield is no more. This is probably one of the last few titles Dice will make before the studio is shut down. It is following the trajectory of Need For Speed, Dead Space, Medal of Honor and others. The same thing is happening with Anthem and Bioware, its a Destiny clone with microtransactions. Mass Effect is done.

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Jinger1126d ago

I think this looks like one of the best Battlefields in a while. Not sure what all the fuss is about tbh.

Parasyte1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Because "OMG there is teh womens in a WW2 shooters!!! SJW agenda!" Stupid crap like that.

Jinger1126d ago

That is still going on? Jesus... who the hell cares? Its not suppose to be hyper realistic. They could add aliens for all I care, just make a bad ass MP game.

fiveby91126d ago

Well they did make a point to insult a sizeable portion of their customer base. As for me, I am not buying it right away. Other games in October I will spend my money on first. Maybe BF V in the future if it's on sale and people are still playing it.

RememberThe3571126d ago

They said if you don't like women being in the game, don't buy it. That's not insulting. That's open market economics.

Jinger1126d ago


What did they say that was insulting? Honest question.

Hungryalpaca1126d ago

If that’s what you think you haven’t been paying attention.

rockwhynot1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Jinger knows what's up. A badass multiplayer game is what we all need. And please remove/ readjust all those kill tags and medals and text away from the reticle. Can't even see what I'm doing with all those notifications about what I just did in the way.

rivaldoo7771125d ago

I'm ok with all that. I just wished the developer was a bit wiser and dont say anything so stupid in the social media.

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AnubisG1126d ago

#1 - Published by the most evil, anticonsumer company on this planet, EA.

No need for more points.

VTKC1126d ago

This game is in the dumpster fire before its even out

RememberThe3571126d ago

Because girls have cooties and historical accuracy is the most important thing in video games...

AnubisG1126d ago

Unfortunately, yes.

Clearly, you don't understand why the preorders are down for this game. People had legitimate concerns and criticism of this game, the biggest problem came from how DICE and EA handled this calling fans all kinds of names insted of addressing the issues their customers had. If you create a product, as a business you want to try to appeal to as many people as possible. You can't please everyone but DICE choose to please a vocal minority who does not even buy games and the proof is in the preorders already.

RememberThe3571126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Clearly you make mad assumptions. I have my own concerns about this game and where they're taking the series, but my issues are about the actual gameplay, not stupid socail bullshit. I was speaking to the stupidity of our comment sections and the rediculous themes they throw around about SJWs and all that weird garbage.

That preorder news came from the firm that uses Amazon preorder rankings. BFV isn't available for preorder on Amazon. We have no clue how well BFV is going to do and none of the news you're clinging to proves anything.

AnubisG1126d ago


You brought up woman. What does the gender of the character have to do with anything in gameplay?

Ok, so according to you all the preorder talkis is BS. Fine let's say it is. We will see in October.

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Baza1126d ago

EA sets all their games up for failure. Their business model is rip off consumers as much as possible. And its catching up to them. This is just the beginning.

AnubisG1126d ago

Hopefully they will change because they have many of my favorite franchises.

thorstein1126d ago

I'm pretty sure Nike and Wamart are far, far worse. As is Monsanto and Dow Chemical..

AnubisG1126d ago

You know what throstein, you are right. Those companies are probably worst but EA is the devil in the gaming industry and it's bain. A company with 0 morals and no limit to their greed. A company that buys uo other companies only to ruin them. So whike EA is not as bad as Monsanto, it is up there regardless.

Sacispinkman1126d ago tlefield-v-preorders-are-below- expectations-but-it-isnt-about- to-bomb/

Looks like even cod is low on preorders,
Rdr2 is the only game meeting expectations.

I am sure now rdr2 will be huge juggernaut in sales this year, easily becoming the highest game seller of 2018.

Ps:Could not attach the whole link of the article

annoyedgamer1126d ago

Not surprised, Activision removed the campaign from Blops 4. They are pulling their own dirty tricks.

Twinblade1126d ago

I'm surprised rdr2 is getting good preorder numbers, even after the bullshit single player mission dlc for their "special" edition.

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