Here's What A Wii With A HDD Looks Like

Looks like the Nintendo World Store has gotten the Wiis with hard drives, just like the ones the Starlight foundation is wheeling around. Why can't we get a setup like this?! Thanks to Kolma for the heads up.

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chrisnick3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

its still crap.......unless a hdd adds actual "this gen" graphics and more than a few hardcore games....its still a waste of time

LegendarySins3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

The Wii still deserves its place on the Market, use your 360, pc, or ps3 for your hd real hardcore stuff. Wii has still got enough good games on it to make it worthwhile owning. I would absolutely love a hdd to come out for it, with ability to rip your games to the drive. You simply cant beat having your games built into your console (basically what it is). Browsing through them is so easy and effortless, and also you find yourself having a quick go on things that you normally wouldn't; due to the fact you dont have to change the discs so often.
Bottom line is it makes life easier, how is that a waste of time for those of us who want it?

I'm all for it, sign me up.

Shoko3745d ago

that statement is wrong in so many ways.

1) Graphics alone don't determine if a system is next gen. but even in that concept, the Wii is next gen because it's way more graphically powerful than the original xbox.

2) It has hardcore games. MP3, TP, MOH:H2, The Conduit, MadWorld, Man Hunt 2, GodFather, SSBB, Fragile, Fatal Frame 4.........need me to keep goin?

3) Crap doesn't sell over 30 million copies in only 2 years.

kunit22c3745d ago

may seem dumb but i dont know what this means? does this mean it will have more hardware space and better graphics? or what i dont understand.. someone tell me.

Shoko3745d ago

A hard drive is for data storage. The more space the more stuff you can store. That's it. Hard Drives don't make a system stronger or anything like that. They're just for memory storage.

deeznuts3745d ago

Here is what a Wii with a PS3 looks like, it's between the arrows

>>>>> <<<<<<<

Yup, it looks like nothing! an hdd isn't going to make me turn my Wii on. I even offered to give it back to my GF and she said, "naw, just leave it here."

kunit22c3744d ago

deeznuts you dont know what your talking about, if you are trying to insist that the wii doesnt have games you are way wrong it has ALOT of games comming, and as for that girlfriend thing who wouldnt take a free console?? seriously that sounds like BS i took my friends Xbox when he offered it to me, and that was during this gen, i took it just to have it, or i could sell it but i havnt, and for proof that the wii has alot of good games coming here are some videos of only like 75% of the games coming to Wii its just i dont like the other ones but who knows maybe you would.

but if you dont want to watch the full videos just look in the info to see all the games that are mentioned in the video. P.S. this is only like 75% of the games comming. and yes i realize like 1 or 2 are already out.

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Cra1g3746d ago

Not bad. It's definitely handy. I'd buy a Wii for my sister or girlfriend. Girls seem to love the Wii for some reason.

jkashuba073746d ago

That looks pretty kool with the ability to browse through your games like that. Judging by the amount of games on it, looks like its going to be fairly good amount of space, I'm guessing 40 or 60 they'll come out with

M_Prime3746d ago

but does it only play those games? where are the channels? how do you put wiiware on that?

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