6 big Nintendo announcements we need in our lives ASAP

"Nintendo has been throwing some awesome surprises our way recently, but there are a handful of announcements I’m hoping the company still has under wraps. Here are six big announcements I’m hoping Nintendo makes soon." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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Zeldafan64643d ago

Skyward Sword would need to keep the motion controls.

EddieNX 643d ago

The joycon could do the job of Wii remote and nunchuck pretty seemlessly.

v_eno_m643d ago

"The Nintendo Switch Virtual Console is still non-existent. "

this should be the very first thing that Nintendo addresses. so that the digital libraries are tied to your account no matter which platform you want to play it on.

Nodoze642d ago

Which is exactly why it won't be. Nintendo being Nintendo. Some of their decisions are flat out baffling. As a long time fan it also is beyond frustrating. Where the heck is the new software? If not for WiiU ports the Switch would have a VERY VERY small number of titles. It would be WORSE than the WiiU was. Nintendo is coasting atm. Remixes and remasters (which I get)....where the heck is the new Animal Crossing? Why do we have to wait for Ubisoft to release a proper Starfox title instead of Nintendo (heck give me a remaster of the WiiU title with proper controls). Where the heck is Metroid??? Where is the new Mariokart? Zelda? While my son and I are excited about Super is an updated and remastered port with a few new characters. Which is great but where are the NEW offerings from one of the most creative first party publishers in the business?? I have a feeling that the online network is going to go bust for them. I hope not, but we will see. They should simply still allow for online networking and offer a subscription service for virtual console offerings. They would mint money.

Majinzo642d ago

That would be nice but Nintendo will lose the ability to resale us the same game another 20x.

kevnb643d ago

I think mario maker needs to come to switch, the 3ds version is nice but you cant create and share levels.

Moonman642d ago

Mario Maker is awesome. Would be nice with a Deluxe version that includes new content like new tools, backgrounds, more enemies and features.

Tazzy643d ago

If been hearing rumors of a 4k Switch coming next year if they announced that i'd be psyched I think 2 announcements that would be good for them is they got the James Bond license and are bringing back N Sports.

HeisenbergX643d ago

All main 3D Mario games collection or at least just the Galaxy games ! i need this in my life after Odyssey

HeyNavi643d ago

I'm surprised they haven't released the Mario Galaxy games for the Switch already. It seems like it would be an obvious hit.

playnice642d ago if they are selling them in China on the Nvidia shield it would be super easy to bring it to Switch !!

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