Watch Doom 3 running (hideously) on Windows 98 and a 12MB graphics card

This is some serious Voodoo voodoo.

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Darkwatchman83d ago

How? It’s interesting seeing a game run on hardware it wasn’t meant to run. It’s not the kind of experience you’ll want to play for fun, but it’s interesting for people that find Tech interesting.

TedCruzsTaint83d ago

That's definitely an opinion you can have. Some people find it interesting watching people experiment with software and tech like this. Besides, the YouTuber who did this has a great, diverse channel.

SierraGuy83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

It's amazing actually.

Especially the part where he says its a better game than most steam early access offerings.

This is called testing. Some are enthusiasts you know.

Gwiz85d ago

DOOM 3?lol is it running at 5fps?lol

SierraGuy83d ago

Actually it's pretty fluid for the most part.

Neonridr84d ago

oh god.. those faces, lol

ravinash82d ago

I think it's the eyes that get me.

Hambo82d ago

cursed images, for sure.

darthv7284d ago

LGR on youtube is a good channel. So many memories of building 486 and K6 machines back in the day and he has such a good spin on them in the modern age.

Einhander197183d ago

Yes remember when a 486 Dx was top pc tech:)

Quetza83d ago

With the "Power Boost" button in the PC case!

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The story is too old to be commented.