Capcom on Resident Evil Nemesis Remake: “Who knows what the future holds”

"Speaking to Trusted Reviews at Gamescom 2018, Capcom hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake."

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FallenAngel198484d ago

RE3 is the only mainline game in the series that can’t be played on modern platforms

naruga83d ago

i hope a total reboot of RE 4-5-6-7 ....Capcom go back and erase these shts them from your catalog (especially RE7) and reboot them from scratch!! ...No ganados , No las Plaguas, No Fing retardedRedneck families in the woods etc etc

TheCommentator83d ago

Agreed. If RE2 is successful, Capcom will almost certainly remake 3 and possibly Code Veronica. I would hope that they continue and actually make a proper RE4 and beyond as well.

With that said, I also think Capcom should continue to experiment with stories like RE4 and 7's, but simply ditch the numbering system associated with them. RE4 and 7 were arguably very good games in spite of the fact that they have no real place in a RE storyline that should have always been focused on Zombies.

Hardiman83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

RE3 is the only RE game I never completed so a remake would be very welcome!

Also this reads to me that if RE2 Remake is a success (which it will be) then a RE3 remake will be highly likely.

CloudStrife90083d ago

I hope so. I loved 2 and 3 - though my ultimate favorite is Code Veronica. Besides, they could use a lot of 2's assets to create 3, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

I wouldn't mind seeing a comeback of the RE: Outbreak games. Underappreciated they were, and arguably ahead of their time. Bring them back in today's connected world and they might be worthwhile.

monkey60283d ago

Way ahead of their time. A network focused game back then just didn't have the support it needed

Hardiman78d ago

Outbreak was ahead of its time and getting a remake would be nice as would Code Veronica! I too loved that game! Got it day one on the Dreamcast.

lociefer83d ago

Re3 is my fav in the whole series, really hope the bring it back

StifflerK83d ago

I'd like to see a Res3 and Code Veronica remake.

Spurg83d ago

They made a mistake with Re2 remake. It should have been Residnent evil: Racoon city with both Re2 and Re3. Re2 takes place in the middle chapter of Re3 after the clock tower scene.
We need to take into consideration that RE 2 was a very short game, clocking at 5hrs48mins and if you're a completionist it would be 16hrs(thats included playing the game multiple time to get everything), that's way too short for this era of gaming.

They could've brought in Jill valentine's escape from Racoon city and properly show off the impact of the T-virus on the city. Most importantly the Nemesis and the end of Racoon city or retell the story so that Racoon city isn't destroyed by a nuke.

Exvalos83d ago

It's not a shot for shot remake there adding a lot of new stuff, game will be longer

TheCommentator83d ago

I've thought about them doing that as well because of the timeline... let's face it, it would be cool... but I believe that the scope of a project like that would have been an enormous undertaking. Capcom has invested heavily in the remake with a complete reimagining of RE2 and will be able to use this development to improve the qualities of RE3 when/if it comes.

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The story is too old to be commented.