Microsoft is giving new Xbox Live users a 2-month membership for just $2

If you have never dipped your toes into the world of Xbox Live, well, Microsoft is giving you a huge incentive to try it out. For new members only, you can get a two-month membership at a whopping $2.

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bluefox755147d ago

Gotta hand to to MS, this seems like smart marketing. It seems like there is no downside to this, from a business standpoint. Sony would be smart to follow suit.

jznrpg147d ago

After this promotion they will say we had the largest signup of Xbox live in history for whatever the time period of this promotion is

Sitdown147d ago

And shortly after people will whine and complain about it.

DC1980147d ago

Not really for new members only

I've had Gold in the past and I was able to get it for $2

2pacalypsenow147d ago

I think they mean new Game pass members.

DC1980146d ago

So the new members thing is for those who currently don't have either subscription. If you already have a subscription for either one or both, it won't work.

Parasyte147d ago

This is not accurate. Live is being sold for $3 for a month and Game Pass is $2 for a month. Both deals are for a limited time.

KnowTechie147d ago

It literally says $2 on Microsoft's website:

Parasyte147d ago

They have changed it very recently then. Because I looked at it before I typed that response and it said $3

spicelicka147d ago

Great timing too, honestly everyone should try it. Signing up now means you get to play Halo MCC and even Forza Horizon 4 in October before it ends!

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