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Michael Kitchin, "Death's Gambit is enjoyable with some valuable tweaks to combat to supplement some otherwise disappointing melee strikes. Exploration feels rewarding and whilst there doesn't seem to be a huge variety of gear and builds, there's a lot to like about a tough, sincere imitator. Worth considering if you're looking for a challenging effort with a tightly connected world."

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AnUglyLoli58d ago

It's so hard to defend the artistic integrity of the video game medium when it can be so derivative and creatively bankrupt at times. Dark Souls was hardly even a masterpiece in its own right yet here we are, subject to soulless clone after soulless clone of a game that ran its full course nearly a decade ago. Congrats, White Rabbit.

MikePSC58d ago

On the contrary, all media is a clone of something else. There are opportunistic albums, films, art. What matters is the execution.

AnUglyLoli58d ago

Such a reasonable and level-headed reply to my inebriated shitpost. You're too nice, Mike!