RPG Maker MV Shows Off Gameplay Creation Mechanics

If you’ve always had a dream to make the best RPG to ever exist, then RPG Maker MV will be the best tool for you! Using hundreds of tools to create a million different possibilities, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making your own games!

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Drithe83d ago

I would love to play this. In fact I would love to make an rpg with this. However, who has the time? If you work for a living and even play one other game, it would hinder you from making your rpg. I need a time machine to give me 100 hours in a day.

Gemmol82d ago

get it on switch, the portable nature help me to make more time in a day

Drithe82d ago

Portable gaming is a waste of time. When you are out in the world you need to talk to your fellow human beings, belong with your people, help the world in some sort and live. Play games at home in your spare time.

Majinzo83d ago

I have like 5 different rpg makers , but this one seems decent enough to test out,