Shenmue's HD remasters analysed: enhancements are sparse but the ports are solid gold

“It may not be the full-on remaster/remake we might have hoped for, but Shenmue and its sequel are finally playable on modern hardware, courtesy of Sega and developer d3t..”

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XentaJones154d ago

The problem here is SEGA do not call this a remaster so to call this video a remaster is miss leading

DigitalRaptor154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Everyone and their dog is calling it a remaster.

It doesn't make it 100% right, but I think there's some validity in it. Like the UI and menus have been completely re-done, even though the audio and textures haven't been improved. The widescreen mode, AA, and high resolution mode make it look beautiful.

kevnb153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

remaster has no meaning in video games, most "remasters" are just ports rendered at higher resolution just like this game. The reason I wont call a port rendered at higher res anything more than a port is the simple fact its just a configuration change. Even if they touched up some assets here and there, its still just a port.

DigitalRaptor153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

@ kevnb

It's a port, but this video shows and describes what grade of port it is. An exceptionally well done one, even if they didn't go as far as they could have with it.

DigitalRaptor154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Another great Shenmue analysis from [email protected]

Both games look more beautiful than ever. The art style has been preserved, but everything is more detailed. Even though it's around 16-17 years old, these HD conversions make it look like it could pass off as something made only 12 years ago. The game was so ahead of its time, and it holds up remarkably - maybe not the voice acting though :)

TheCommentator153d ago

It's as good of a remaster as most of the BC titles on XB1, and it definitely deserves to be available to play again. Shenmue did so many things right with its' design choices, and it's also the father of the QTE that we see in so many games today.

I want to sit down and play some Genesis games...

DigitalRaptor153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Not even close my man. The guy who analysed the games in this article confirms that it's a large effort port, and certainly not something a bunch of system level AF will automatically fix up. It's kinda insulting to even suggest that. XB1 BC titles don't retroactively add widescreen support, a multitude of audio and visual toggle options that bring two games together, a beautiful newly designed UI and menu system, or achievements if they didn't have them previously either.

TheCommentator153d ago

You're right about that.

AF does blur up things a bit with OG Xbox titles, at least compared to a native resolution, and the other points you mention about features are all valid too. The problems with AF are not enough to make a serious difference to the graphics though and OG Xbox BC games still look noticeably sharper than on the OG console.
IMy point was supposed to be related simply to how much smoother the framerates are with BC and that along with the upgrade in resolution it is graphically comparable. Unfortunately, I didn't really say that. Sorry.

For comparison, here's a video of Elder Scrolls 3, on BC, which shows how much better it looks than the OG. Also, at the 7:00 mark we can see how AF on 1X compares to the PC version and see your point:

AK91153d ago

My only problem is how badly the compressed the audio is, I get these games were originally made for CD's but damn it kills what could have been a perfect remaster of a classic series.

SegaGamer153d ago

I'm not even sure I would want the audio improved. It feels right for the game, it has an 80's feel about it.

1-pwnsause-1150d ago

thats what i it that VHS Feel to it, being the fact that the game takes place in the 80s....