Xbox One X Battlefield V Gold Rush Special Edition and More Revealed at Inside Xbox Live at Gamescom

A brand new Battlefield V Xbox One X Special Edition (and two other bundles) were revealed at Xbox's Showcase at Gamescom 2018.

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Eonjay153d ago

We need better picture to see this console more clearly. Is the picture in this article the custom Gold Rush console.

oasdada152d ago

Looks like a block box left in the sun for some time

rainslacker152d ago

It's not really all that impressive if you ask me. Just the black on the bottom, and some desert sand color on the top. Comes with the game, but this BF seems like it's not getting a lot of positive hype around it.

Thundercat77152d ago

"Analyst predicts EA's 'Battlefield V' will be a 'serious disappointment,' citing weak preorders"

Battlefield 5 looks to be in trouble.

Yi-Long152d ago

First time since Battlefield 3 that I'll get the game at launch, because of the promise all post-launch MP maps will be added for free for all users, meaning the whole community will have access to all maps, which hopefully means it will remain more active.

With prior Battlefield releases, we often saw people still playing the base-game, but DLC maps were often abandoned. Sadly.

So, day 1 for me.

Dragonscale152d ago

So true Thunder, this game is gonna flop hard. MS couldn't have picked a worse game to do this with.

shaggy2303152d ago

Just like Sony has a marketing deal with Battlefront 2.

Guess both companies can make bad marketing deal decisions.

rainslacker152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

There are always some duds in there. They make these deals months in advance for bundles with special cases as it takes time to design, source, and manufacture the special edition consoles. At the time they were working on this, I doubt they could tell that the game would be having a troubled marketing campaign, or the developer would go and piss a bunch of people off with his "screw you" comments.

It's the risk these companies take when they decide to spend money to license stuff from these publishers for their own gain.

Dragonscale151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@shaggy, true but Sony also tend to make plenty of good marketing decisions whereas microsoft not so much lately. Sony can afford it a lot more than ms currently tbh.