Fallout 76 Xbox One X Bundle Revealed at Inside Xbox at Gamescom

A Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle has officially been confirmed at the Inside Xbox Live at Gamescom Event, alongside other bundles.

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Eonjay61d ago

You get a whole month of Live with this as opposed to the 14 days with Battlefield V which is kinda strange if you ask me. This one offers the better deals in my opinion.

yarbie100061d ago

MIcrosoft getting lazy with their bundles. Virtually no custom paint bundles, just throwing a game in a box. The Battlefield V bundle just looks like it's been out in the sun for too long.

lollord61d ago

It's not a special edition, just a bundle.

SkippyPaccino61d ago

If you look carefully in the box, you'll see a free hug coupon from Tod Howard (only applicable to the first 76 customers)

Don't miss out if interested

ajax1761d ago

"This bundle is without a doubt the ugly stepchild of the show"