EA Claims Star Wars Battlefront II Controversy Will Change How They Make Games

Electronic Arts, the publisher behind the 2017 game Star Wars Battlefront II has claimed that the controversy surrounding the game has changed how the company will design and release games in the future.

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Activemessiah148d ago

its not rocket science to be consumer-friendly... they are really struggling with that concept.

Relientk77148d ago

For EA it's like rocket science

Skull521146d ago

Well I'd say you didn't change in the correct direction with what they have done to Battlefield, that's two strikes in a row.

blacktiger146d ago

For EA it's a caveman problem solving on rock and fire,

NecrumOddBoy146d ago

I think EA will just figure out a sneakier a way to get the money they want. The genuine concept of creating a good game selling it for a certain amount of money and just allowing the Merit of excellent development drive the sales is so far in the past

Fist4achin147d ago

For them it is comparable to rocket surgery or brain science...

RosweeSon146d ago

Greed pure and simple they go after money time and time again they don’t care all that much if people buy it in theirs droves regardless

sawoosevens146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Greed always lead down to a downfall they may make good money that way for years, but one day when least expected they will fall big time. examples of this can be seen with game stop, Kodak, blockbusters and many more companies like these just want to profit without being innovative usually it doesn't work out forever.

rainslacker146d ago

Who says they intend to become more consumer friendly. A change for ea is then trying to find ways to do all this stuff without the backlash

RosweeSon146d ago

Exactly plus once they make so much money they pretty much unstopable

FantasticBoss146d ago

Well it gets tougher when you factor in also having to keep the shareholders and business partners happy as well. Sadly, they fumbled real hard on that one with SWBF2

joab777146d ago

The problem is that unlike other companies, they try and walk the fine line b/w profit and and the boundaries of what customers will accept before hurting sales.

The point they miss is that the industry environment is ever changing, and often you NEED the good will of consumers while you shift strategy or attempt to enact change.

Right now they have NO good will, and it has come at a time in which competition is at an all time high, gaming is changing platforms in droves, and AAA games are extending value in an attempt to hold gamers attention for longer periods of time.
Add this to the fact that some of their IPs have become old hat.

IE. Why wouldn’t DICE make BF3? It’s a great camapaign with n amazing and hilarious story and characters, open world player and vehicle gameplay, and change things up?

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annoyedgamer148d ago

Funny, Battlefield Royale shows otherwise...

Jinger147d ago

I'm not sure I get what you mean? How is Battlefield Royale proving this statement wrong comparing it to BF2 and how they learned from that debacle?

Gh05t146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Because in both scenarios they treated the gamers like crap. BF2, they treated our time and money like garbage. BFV they treated our opinions and concerns like garbage. They learned the wrong lesson, they learned that they make bad games, They didnt learn that they still have a bad customer care issue.

They havent learned how to interact with the people they actually want to buy their games. In fact they told us not to buy them. Meaning they didnt really learn that the biggest lesson is to treat the customers time, money, and opinions with respect. That is how you build a good and healthy following. Which EA doesnt have outside of sports games anymore.

Before anyone starts obviously I am not talking about extremes here. For instance they dont need to worry about the opinion of a person who threatens them, but that is the extreme and that is not what I am talking about.

InTheZoneAC146d ago

please do not be so naive, please

MrBeatdown146d ago

I'm not sure how BFV having battle Royale is a bad thing. A game that's always had giant maps and large player counts seems like a good opportunity to introduce a popular mode that requires giant maps and large player counts.

I'm interested in it. So who's opinions on an unreleased game are they not listening to?

Jinger146d ago


So them telling people who are upset about having women and mechanical arms in WW2 to not buy the game if they're upset is bad customer care? They can't please everyone. And honestly if that is your main reason to not buy the game then you probably need to grow up. If you don't like the game, don't buy it.

I didn't like a lot of the changes Cory Balrog made to God of War, but am I complaining that they didn't listen to my opinion? BF2 was bad because they shoved a horrible money grubbing progression system in the game. I'm not seeing that with BFV... the most hate I see if from people upset there is a woman with a mechanical arm in the game and that they're adding an additional MP mode to the game that is completely optional. it's not like they are taking out the SP mode or anything else in favor of BR like CoD is doing...

Taz X14146d ago

I think you're missing the key point here. You might not have a problem with whole woman with a prosthetic arm issue, to be honest I thought it was over-the-top but nothing to fuss too much over; however, when you generalize an entire group of people complaining for a variety of reasons (some of which are valid) as bigots and how you'd rather them not buy your game, you end up losing a lot of respect from gamers. Not just those they criticized, but as a community as a whole since in many gamers' eyes it looks like the big guys picking on the little guys.

The same thing happened with DMC. The simple issue of hair color became a huge controversy, not because the developers refused to listen, but because they threw a criticism from the actual fans back into their faces and flaunted it with a "holier than thou" attitude. Not listening to your fans is one thing, and can be productive when you're trying to revitalize a series or introduce others to a long standing series. But one thing EA has had to learn the hard way is that the gaming community is a pretty tight knit group who really speak up against things they disagree with.

While I agree that some criticisms can be overblown, and some fans can go overboard, they need to remember and start taking the game as seriously as the people they're making it for. Otherwise, if developers are going to just look at their audience as children and the games they're making as nothing more than this year's hot toy, then this isn't the industry they should be in. Gamers take gaming seriously, and looking at the industry as a whole, it's a serious business that rewards those who respect and treat criticisms and communities maturely.

Realms146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

@ Jinger

WTF? People don't like EA for obvious reasons they are greedy, and really don't care about how good their games as long as they are profitable. It's not just about Battlefield they take good studios and break them FIFA and Madden all but monopolized both sports categories and stifled the competition EA talks a good talk but their actions and history say otherwise.

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Sciurus_vulgaris148d ago

For some reason I don't believe in EA's statement. Multiple rushed games, overpriced season passes, super saiyan level microtransactions. EA is stuck in a cycle, they screw up then "apologize" then screw up again.

MrBeatdown146d ago

Haven't they given most of Battlefield 1's season pass content away for free? I'm pretty sure I got the complete edition with all DLC for under $30 over a year ago.

The 10th Rider146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Yeah, all DLC packs for BF1 have been free at one point or another. But if you didn't add it to your library at the time it was free you would have to buy it.

Baza146d ago

Time for EA to figure out another way for ripping off gamers.

Newmanator146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

"Multiple rushed games" - unlike COD BFV had a 2 year dev cycle with multiple studios
"Overpriced season passes" - eliminated in BFV. Free map packs now.
"SS level microtransactions" - pay to win removed from BFV, cosmetic only

Increased content - Multiplayer, Singleplayer, and BR.

Doesn't look like the are screwing up again to me.

InTheZoneAC139d ago

And ea thanks you for not being aware of their games as a whole. They want more people just like you to buy their games.

The fact you only mention bfv shows your ignorance about the company. They have a long and ongoing history of terrible business practices. So what if they did right with bfv, they're still doing the same bs with every current sports game.

XiNatsuDragnel147d ago

EA it's almost impossible to believe u at this point.

Zeke68147d ago

I believe it when I see it...

Smokehouse147d ago

See what? EA caving to overblown controversy? They literally do this all of the time. They have been trying to get out of the “worst company ever” award for years.

Zeke68147d ago

As you say, for years the TRIED to change but always fuck up anyway , hence the "I believe it when I see it..."
I'm still waiting for them to ACTUALLY change for real !! ;)

TheSaint146d ago

I found them, the EA worker.

Smokehouse146d ago

@the saint
Being clever isn’t your strong suit, leave your generic one liners at the door when you leave. Try harder.

Smokehouse146d ago

Oh well yeah you will be waiting. They will continue to virtue signal all day long. You won’t have to wait long to see that.

King_Noctis146d ago

They still support looxbox in Fifa games though. So I would never believe a word from their mouth.

They are one of the worst companies in the world.