Reuters: Chinese surfers see red over Microsoft black-outs

Reuters writes: "Chinese Internet users have expressed fury at Microsoft's launch of an anti-piracy tool targeting Chinese computer users to ensure they buy genuine software and not a copy.

The "Windows Genuine Advantage" program, which turns the user's desktop black if the installed software fails a validation test, is Microsoft's latest weapon in its war on piracy in China, where the vast majority of 200 million computer users are believed to be using fake software, unwittingly or not.

"Why is Microsoft automatically connected with my computer? The computer is mine!" one angry blogger wrote on popular Chinese web portal "Microsoft has no right to control my hardware without my agreement."

Another blogger railed over the cost of authorized versions."

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Dibbler3701d ago

I don't see how anyone could complain when they get caught using bootleg software. They should, at the very least, feel shame when they are caught stealing. I have 5 computers at home and they all have legal copies of windows. I would have preferred to just buy one copy and install it on all of the computers but Microsoft was kind enough to remind me that I get one use per copy and I agreed to that when I installed the product. If there's a problem with cost then get linux, install firefox and shut up. :)

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moe843701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Yes M.soft has every right. The reason your computer works(if using a Windows OS) is because of their software. When you purchase, or someone purchases the disc, you are getting ONE version to use on ONE computer. If that software is being used on more than one, then M.soft has every right to cut you off. At least until you can verify your copy is legit, and not being used elsewhere.

Part of that whole *I agree*/*I disagree* option you have.

DarkArcani3701d ago

The only part you really "own" is the bois. So unless you like to tool around in your bois for countless amount of hours, you have to pay for the privilege (yes that is what it is, a privilege) of using MS software.

marinelife93701d ago

I agree their stuff should get bricked up if they're caught using fake software. MS owns the intellectual property and they have the right to sell it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3701d ago

I'm kind of suprised people endorse pirated software with all the disagrees with you.

I think MS has every right, but if it is smart is another thing. The Chinese market is very different and piracy is rampant over there. My guess is from what I have seen in asian countries (other than Japan) is that pirated software and entertainment media is sold as if it is genuine. Meaning, you can walk in to most stores and you will find pirated stuff for sale openly.

This might be ingrained into their culture and not distinguish between genuine or not. It might have to take a lot of work to change that thought process and hitting it with a hammer result in customer revolt.

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-GametimeUK-3701d ago

When MS is involved we always see red

kindi_boy3701d ago

lol i disagree sometimes you see blue

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3701d ago

I support China's movement against Microsoft

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I did a 'Windows XP Service Pack 3' update last week and
now my Laptop is F**KED-UP!!! :-/
That's the 3rd time it's happened to me because of a Micro$oft update!!!
Can't they get anything right???
I wonder how they made Billions of pounds!!! ;-D

I'm off to another thread with my SUPER-SLOW-SPEED!!!(Due to Micro$oft!!!) ;-D

LeGenDx3701d ago

because the last time i updated i could'nt even turn on my comp. FAWK YOU WINDOWS

Pain3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

they will forget about M$ u just watch it will be Macs everywhere like it should be and is .

but funny thing is if it wasn't for Piracy M$ would NOT have a strangle on the worlds OS market..

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Bengoshi-San3701d ago

software pirates ruin things for the rest of us who legitimately pay for our games/software

besides... it also hurts developers because they don't make any money from their games.

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