Fable 2 criticized for not living up to expectations

It seems while most of the gaming public are extremely pleased with how Fable 2 has turned out, not all is as it seems in Albion. Gamer Blorge highlights the issues associated with the co-op patch introduced and how many fans are now angry at being deceived by the form that co-op would take.

For many, this isn't a major concern, but according to Blorge, there are a large number to whom this is a deal-breaker. Earlier in the week, we have seen some amazing review scores show that the majority of gaming websites believe this to be a near-perfect game. Some, such as Eurogamer, even gave that elusive 10/10. Given the co-op situation, can this review hold credibility?

Is Fable 2 unfinished?

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tocrazed4you3702d ago

At the first line
Fable 2 is one of this years most anticipated action adventure game.
It isn't an action adventure game.... its an role playing fantasy game...
Other than that the points were valid.

Obama 4 President3702d ago

It seems Fable 2 just misses AAA status. Almost, but not a top game like Gears or MGS4.

AAACE53701d ago

I sat down to play for a few minutes just to see a bit of the opening, and next thing I know... it was 5 hours later! D*mn game got me addicted for a while. I kept saying I was going to stop, but I kept seeing things that got me curious and I had to check them out!

The d*mn dog didn't make it any better, cause I kept wanting to play with him and see what he could find.

It does have minor flaws! But they can be overlooked.

elshimiablo3702d ago

But it is not an AAA by any means

LeonSKennedy4Life3702d ago

Say that when it sells over 1 million copies this week.

You're the worst kind of human being.

Also, that picture looks like my cousin. It's creeping me out.

valknight3701d ago

i own the game, its no flop by any means i have played it for hours on end, because the game doesnt have what everyone ASSUMED to be for coop doesnt mean its not at minimum 9.5 game

GUNS N SWORDS3702d ago

the game got almost a 9 from IGN, that's my official source of credibility.

fvck, if i limit my selection to only 10s or 9s i'm going to have a rather small selection.

i'm getting tired of racking my brain on the subject.

Rob0g0rilla3702d ago

This article shouldn't mean anything to you.

DiabloRising3702d ago

Review scores should never mean anything to us, especially not in comparison with your own opinion.

Diamondwolf3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

That's the kind of talking around here that'll get you some bubbles.

Back in the day, when people played games for fun, we formed our own opinion. This generation is to Metacritic reliant.

If I want to play a game, and it scores a 4 from [insert random momandpop internet gaming site] but I wanted to try it out because it looks fun, that 4 shouldn't stop me from dropping by Play-N-Trade to give it a whirl

Which by the way, Shameless plug for Play-N-Trade, that place by FAR outweighs Gamestop giving you the ability to try any game as long as you want before you buy it. Went in once, never stepping foot in Gamestop again.

butterfinger3701d ago

"Back in the day, when people played games for fun"

Fable 2 is the first game in a long time to remind me that games are really supposed to be fun. I love Fable 2!

Sena Kobayakawa3702d ago


Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

Tmac3702d ago

Lol Xbox hasn't had triple A games for awhile, while Socom WILL do better after the patches, can't say the same for Too Human.

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