Shenmue III Release Date Announced, Watch the New Trailer

"Today at Gamescom 2018, Deep Silver and Ys Net announced that Shenmue III will launch on August 27, 2019 on the PlayStation 4 and PC."

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Marcello111d ago

OMG what a day for Shenmue fans. Is this real ?? or am i dreaming ?

bouzebbal111d ago

Stupid SEGA who didn't want to publish this..
trailer looks much better than i thought.. and 1year to go for some polish.

staticall111d ago

Let's not forget how Sega didn't want to release any Yakuza games in the west, like Yakuza 1-2 HD for PS3 (even though they already have the translation). And still no news about Binary Domain 2, even though first Binary Domain was, like, one of the best shooters.

At least now Sega is getting better, it seems like, releasing all Yakuza games and even bringing new Fist of the North Star to Europe and United States.

showtimefolks111d ago


Would love another binary domain such a underrated game

Razmiran111d ago

And they are bringing games to pc

rainslacker111d ago

Dunno if they're stupid for it. It'd be a risky game to publish IMO. Especially since there hasn't been any historical sales on the series in a very long time. Sadly, nostalgic popularity that may seem high within a community, doesn't always translate to sales.

Granted, they could have tested the waters with the remaster a long time ago. I think the last one they had was a port on the 360, and it was digital only, at a time when digital was still pretty new to consoles.

In any case, they got licensing fees without having to do anything for it, and got enough free promotion for their HD remaster that they made out pretty good in the end. I'm curious how well the remaster will do. I got my copy today.

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Notellin111d ago

Man I'm excited for this game. I'm so glad to see the original art design has remained the same instead of going more modern and chasing realism.

What a day for Shenmue fans.

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TGGJustin111d ago

With the collection launching today this was the perfect day to announce this. I backed this game three years ago and I can't wait until this time next year to finally play it.

DigitalRaptor111d ago

I'm with you there man. I'm so happy that there is so much positivity surrounding the franchise right now.

Feels like we've gone back in time.

rainslacker111d ago

I backed it too, and I hate kickstarter projects.

But I also knew they had a real publisher behind it which was going to do most of the funding, so that alone made it less risky, and I knew the dev has been trying to make this game for years and was committed to seeing his vision through. That's not something I really get from most kickstarters.

AngainorG7X111d ago

I think im gonna cry, i've been waiting this trailer for 20 years

Ristul111d ago

It's a big improvement from the last time I saw it, they have nailed the look of the world and characters.

showtimefolks111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Just wait we are a year away it's only going to get better

Yu Suzuki is a legend and needs to get the recognition because his games were ahead of their time

DigitalRaptor111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Yeah, every time they show it, you can see the improvements.

And the good thing is, each time, it's not the latest build so the game already looks better than the stuff they're showing us. Can't wait to see some proper gameplay, hopefully not too long from now.

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gigoran111d ago

Now that’s what I’m talking about. It’s gonna be great to play this trilogy right to the end.

FlyingFoxy111d ago

The series is likely not over after 3, so it will be more than a trilogy.

1-pwnsause-1111d ago

Don’t know why people disagreed with you, this franchise was suppose to go to 5-6 games

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showtimefolks111d ago


These games were ahead of their times and gamers from those days have all grown up and a lot of them are giving these older games a chance and realizing how much they missed

I think there is a huge fanbase for these type of games

Vandamme21111d ago

Can’t wait...but that trailer was too short though