New Ninja Blade Xbox 360 Screenshots (High Res)

DailyGame has three new high-res screens that have such detail that the site says "It's obvious that [From Software] is doing things graphically on Xbox 360 that many developers are hard-pressed to achieve on the PS3."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3652d ago

Another upcoming flop by From Software

Sena Kobayakawa3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Maybe you haven't realised yet but if this one is a flop you might as well call that Lair spiritual brother they are making exclusively for the PS3 a Flop to.

edit:@Jok3r I know but demon soul looks like Lair thats why i said spiritual brother

by the way:SOCOM

im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED

Jok3r3652d ago

No..You are thinking of Demon Souls from "From Software" to Playstation 3
This is an Xbox 360 game and therefore it will be a success..:D

xaviertooth3652d ago

your comment fits your name

Capt CHAOS3652d ago

Bet you wish you hadn't had Sony tattooed onto your forehead.

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Silogon3652d ago

None of that was in game and why do all ninnjas have to fight demons or mutants? Why can't they fight other ninjas or drug lords again?

green3652d ago

Definitely in game graphics.In terms of looks , Ninja Blade is light years better than Ninja Gaiden 2.We will just have to wait and see if it will be a better game overall.

GUNS N SWORDS3652d ago

the lighting looks more realer, and the city looks bigger and better looking.

Close_Second3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

...but what is with all these games with lifeless backdrops. I mean, if that sh*t was going on outside my office window then I would switch off the lights and watch or something? The lights in the buildings all remain static as the buildings provide little else but a backdrop.

Also, what is with the rail-gun cinematic action sequences. That is, sitting and watching for a prompt instructing you to hit "A" or "X", etc. Comes down to nothing more than a next-gen version of Dragons Lair!?!

Stunning visuals are one thing but I have yet to be blown away with some next-gen gameplay. And that goes for both the PS3 and 360.

As for the flame bait comment re: developers being able to do things on the 360 they can't easily do on the PS3...yawn...both consoles can do great things as we have already seen. My guess is that we have yet to see the best that each console can do so lets drop the flame bait crap and get back some gaming!



totally agree. i have been saying that for ages now.

the dev's keep going on about how this gen is not about graphics anymore like the sky is the limit on that front... yet all we have seen so far is graphical upgrades.

were are the real next gen titles with next gen game play and environments that add to the gameplay in real new ways.

i thought really destructible environments would be the norm this gen, but most games are still doing boxes and chairs... and when a game does do destructible environments they talk about it like its never been seen before.

where is the advanced AI. i am still shooting at guys who can only A. stand and shoot back at me. behind the "indestructible block of wood" or C. run up to me and try and shoot me in the face.

anyway, enough of me moaning.... i am just happy someone else feels the way i do. not been blown away by anything since i walked out into the world of oblivion, ok and i liked being able to shoot through stuff in cod4. but thats about it so far.

thewhoopimen3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

This is definitely in-game but really well done in certain areas. high polycount main charc and boss enemy (geow2 looking enemy). I like the hyperealistic art style. Gameplay looks extremely linear though, more so than even Ninja Gaiden 2 I would say.

I still think this article shouldn't have flamebaited. If you limit encounters to singular instances and you use easily repeatable environments like skyscraper windows/rooftop/catwalks, it wouldn't be that difficult to reproduce this on other systems.

3652d ago
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