Sony Has No Plans to Fix New PSP Display Problems

Sony: On some occasions, scan lines may appear on scenes where brightness changes drastically, due to the hardware features of the new LCD device on PSP-3000. Installed with this new LCD device, PSP-3000 offers more natural and vibrant colors on its screen, but the scan lines have come out to be more visible as a result of improving response time to alleviate the afterimages on PSP-3000. Since this is due to hardware specification, there are no plans for a system software update concerning this issue.

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Silogon3702d ago

Many of these issues are due to the software and not the hardware. These games people are seeing issues with were made with the previous model screens.

I have had zero issues with my PSP 3000, other than the lack of original IP's for it.

SaiyanFury3701d ago

Agreed, except I'm still playing games on my 1001 PSP. I've never seen reason to change it out for a newer version. I've even got the 2200mAh battery in it to extend game time.

pixelsword3702d ago

I believe older games will have this problem, but hereafter, it shouldn't be a problem if developers adjust to the new hardware specifications.

So basically, Kotaku once again is making a mountain out of a molehill.

I'm almost willing to say that Kotaku is the Fox news of the videogame world.

mirroredderorrim3702d ago

Pixel, I am more than inclined to agree.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3702d ago

Kotaku criticizing Sony? Nahhhh /sarcasm

FailStation33702d ago

progressive scan to interlaced?

talk about an UPGRADE! loooool

that's what we call a Sony "upgrade".

LeonSKennedy4Life3702d ago

480p as opposed to 1080i is a pretty big leap, isn't it?

Ever try education? I've heard it's great.

FailStation33702d ago

I have a Bachelor's.

Thanks for asking.

Now let's get back to the Sony "upgrades"!

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The story is too old to be commented.