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Quote from article: "Perched high above the enemy encampment, I crayon in 'people to murder' on my map like some sort of psychotic Boy Scout. Fighting to chamber a round into 'Gladys', my well loved but largely unreliable sniper rifle, I take note of the wind, and then draw a bead on a surprisingly large group of rebels. A sharp rustling noise behind me causes the bullet to part someone's hair, and I angrily wheel about to find my desert eagle already trained on a curious Zebra..."

An amusing blog post that poses the question "Why was Resident Evil 5 given grief over perceived racism, but Far Cry 2 was okay"

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PoSTedUP3648d ago

i hate everyone equally : )

n4gzz3648d ago

lol, love that quote.

Sarcasm3648d ago

I don't hate everyone, I just don't love anyone with a passion.

Mozilla893648d ago

thats the first thing I thought when watching the IGN review. I just though, wait a sec, you're shooting black people in this game but no one cares, Resident Evil you're shooting black zombies and its racist. WTF?!

AAACE53647d ago

Haha... That's kind of like my quote... "I'm an equal opportunity *sshole, everyone's a target!"

I think the main problem is, people look at the game in the same way they look at RE 5. You have a caucasian person in africa shooting at... I don't know... I guess... uhhh... Black people! It makes too many people in america think about it's ugly history!

The game, as well as RE 5 will always be judged as...

Caucasian person + Africa + Guns = Racism

Since game developers are moving toward africa with their creative intent, it might be a good idea to... IDK... Put some africans in the starring role!

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SlappingOysters3648d ago

It is weird how Res Evil copped heaps of flack and Far Cry didn't.

But it is even weireder why anyone would thinking it is racist to have a game set in Africa - a predominantly black continent - featuring black people.

has the world gone mad.

green3648d ago

The world has gone mad.I am Nigerian and i am glad that there are games like Far Cry 2 and Resident Evil 5 that are being set in Africa.

I have no idea if it's the press or black westerners who feel offended because those of us that grew up there or live there have no qualms about it.In fact we like it.

My cousin is here in London with his family for holidays and he saw the video of the map editor for far Cry 2 and there was one map made that looked like a village we have been to in central Nigeria and because of that he is buying the game on release day.

LikAChicken3648d ago

I am Ghanian, and I wanted to buy Far Cry 2 to make a map similar to villages where my parents grew up, or Tema where the vacation home is. I really like the way Far Cry 2 is set up and I've been waiting for a good jungle game (I was sorely disappointed with Turok.Ughhh...)
I think the whole Resident Evil 5 racism thing is stupid in my opinion. I mean the game isn't about killing black people, it's about killing zombies! Sometimes I feel the world will never look past color if cultures will always keep feeling offended. I think it would be a problem if there was a game about being a slave catcher or something...but it's zombies! Geez!

JonahFalcon3648d ago

Maybe because the protagonist (the player) is black himself.

SlappingOysters3648d ago

well he is not in mine anyway. don't you choose who your hero is from a whole bunch of people.

morganfell3648d ago

If Far Cry 2 and RE5 are racist then movies like Wall Street are racist.

Killjoy30003648d ago

When ever a game depicts a certain race that isn't white, it's declared racist. It's so stupid. What do people expect? A bunnch of white people to live in northern Africa? Stupid as hell. They're acting as if Africans are the only ones being killed in these shooters.

LikAChicken3648d ago

It's funny though. No one had a problem with RE4 with the Eastern European thing though. They were all Eastern European! ( Not simply "they were white!". There's a difference...)

Hi, I am Ghanian and I do not approve the racial direction RE5 is going...

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