3 Last Character Who Will Be In Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smash Ultimate is still about 4 months away, and there is obviously more that Sakurai needs to show when he teased that hidden mode.

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PhoenixUp84d ago

“Adding another Mario character would seem excessive, plus I think Waluigi is a bit more popular at the moment.”

Although I’d be pissed if Geno made it in over another Square Enix rep, I’d be absolutely livid if Waluigi made it in over Geno.

Neonridr84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

They already showed Waluigi as an Assist Trophy in the previous direct. People need to move on, it's not like suddenly Sakurai is going to now just make him a playable character because some people whined and cried.

PhoenixUp84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

I never understood this outcry. Like seriously this development team is working hard to give us nearly every past character we loved along with new longtime fan requested ones, and people decide to jump on this bandwagon of being disappointed one longrunning assist trophy among various other longrunning assist trophies isn’t on the playable roster.

It’s downright farcical and would be funny if so many people didn’t take it so seriously. Now it’s become just plain sad how people can’t accept him being a support character while actual unimaginable characters get added in with the roster count being in the 70s, one of the highest in fighting game history.

Sakurai could give fans everything they wanted times a thousand and you’ll still hear some whiners going on about “b-b-but Waluigi isn’t playable. Why have you forsaken us!?!”

Neonridr84d ago

I know, like so many people were expecting Shovel Knight to be a playable character. Every person in the roster were either established Nintendo franchises or extremely popular mascots from 3rd parties.

The mere fact that Shovel Knight, an indie character, is even in Smash at all is crazy. A testament to how far that game has come. I love that he's in the game period. I don't need to play as him.

PhoenixUp84d ago

People have also expressed disappointment that Bomberman is an Assist Trophy and not playable, not taking into account that Konami would later have Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont onto the roster and Konami having reps from 3 of their franchises on the roster would’ve been excessive.

They should be glad Bomberman even has a presence in the game, especially since he’s the first third-party Assist Trophy who doesn't have an associated playable character to coincide with.

DJK1NG_Gaming84d ago

Mario franchise is not getting another rep

The 10th Rider84d ago

7th gen Pokemon is pretty much guaranteed. Some people think there's hints towards Skull Kid. I'm not 100% convinced. Geno and Isaac are two characters who have been requested for a long time. Ultimate so far has been a love letter to fans, including which characters have been added. Sakurai pretty much teased Isaac with a tweet and Geno was a Mii costume and he wanted to add him in Brawl and Smash 4. Other than that someone from Kirby, like Bandanna Dee, seems likely.

Plus of course, plenty more echoes to be revealed.

This roster is easily gonna be 80+ characters.

stupidusername83d ago

Not to mention future DLC characters, likely from upcoming games unannounced and announced like Fire Emblem and a 8th gen pokemon from the 2018 Pokemon title.
The roster is pretty crazy already.

The 10th Rider83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I'm pretty confident that with echoes we're going to see 100 or more characters after DLC.

We're already at 71. As I said, I'm pretty confident we're going to get a new Pokemon, plus Geno and Isaac. Skull Kid stands a good chance, along with a new Kirby rep (some of the most requested characters in Japan are Kirby reps). That would bring it up to 76.

As far as echoes go, they really better add Funky Kong, Dixie Kong, Ken and Shadow. They fit the idea of an echo perfectly. Hilda seems likely, since Zelda has is strangely missing anything resembling Hilda alternate colors. Medusa for Palutena and Dark Meta Knight for Meta Knight seem likely since Hal made Kirby and Sakurai loves Kid Icarus. Isabelle has been heavily rumored and adding another Animal Crossing character makes sense, she fits the bill well and could be an echo. That's another 8, bringing the total up to 84.

Then there's still potential characters like Mrs Pac-Man, Birdo or Yarn Yoshi, Ninten, Black Shadow, Dry Bowser, Impa, Roll, Octolings, a Little Mac echo (lots of options there), an Olimar echo (lots of options there), and Big Boss.

They should get up to 85 in the base game, 90 is a definite possibility. Hell, with the Pokemon trainer's three Pokemon, seven Koopaling alts and an Alph alt, if they can make it up to 90 for the base game they would be able to claim that "You can play as 100 different characters in the game."

I don't think it's unrealistic to say that they could easily put a large number of echoes in the game if they wanted to go for it. They put almost 500 alternate moves in the previous game and balanced them all.

Either way if there's DLC and they include echoes in the DLC, 100 seems like a lock.