CLOUD Message: CLOUD the World Vol. 2 ?

"CLOUD MESSAGE ... Coming Soon"

It was advertising that could be found in the Playstation DeGenki today.

We may find a second volume CLOUD Magazine, which was released on 14 December 2007, which included a max info Final Fantasy, trailers of the Fabula Nova Crystalys and a little FF VII: ACC.

In any case this is hope, because we have high chances of finding the latest trailers for Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII, Dissidia and course of Advent Children Complete, circulated last Tokyo Games Show.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

It seems that some people are still on that FF7 Remake stuff.

5221d ago
Lord Shuhei Yoshida5221d ago

Dude its not coming.Deal with it.This is just like the Shenmue 3 believers or the people that hope a good game comes to the 360.Its not gonna happen

5221d ago
Lord Shuhei Yoshida5221d ago

Thats right.Its just a theory.Until then,take it all with a grain of salt

5221d ago
Keele5221d ago

Wow, Yoshida, something we can actually agree upon.

I've heard FF7 remake so many damn times now I'm actually starting to grow a hate to the damn game.

I wonder why they don't give OTHER FFs a damn chance.

Always FF7, ALWAYS FF7.

FF7 has the movie, has the anime, has the spinoffs.

For god sakes give it a damn rest already.

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Omegasyde5221d ago

Pointless Speculation which will start the whole FF7 hype train rolling again.

Fans of the series should know it will come one day. Perhaps when square makes Tobal 3.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

An FF7 Remake is not coming at all.The only way it could be remade for the 360 is if Mattrick invents a time machine,travels to 1997,and snags up publishing rights.The only way that it could come to PS3 is if Kaz Hirai sells his soul to the I mean Yoichi Wada.The only way it can come to anything associated with Microsoft is through PC if Eidos,Square Enix and Microsoft work on it together since Sony has no rights for a PC game.

Omegasyde5221d ago

If the game does come out it will probally be ruined, I think you are right that perhaps Sony should purchase the IP. I don't know if Square will part with it so easily however.

5221d ago
Lord Shuhei Yoshida5221d ago


First off good to see a PS3 fan,here is a bubble.

Now then...NO NO NO NO NO NO Its not coming at all.The FF7 fans should make a petition or something since you are all united

vhero5221d ago

remake ps3 exclusive would basically kill ff13 port as nobody would care anymore but lets be realistic its not gonna happen I want it to happen myself as a long time lover of the FF series but its just not gonna happen. I stopped supporting S-E after X-2 and now support N-I if they did remake FFVII however I would come home :P

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Lolita575221d ago

hey guy, I'm convinced it's only a matter of time until the remake project is undertaken. It seems like Final Fantasy 7 has become a franchise in and of itself, and there's no way something that generates that much attention wouldn't culminate in a full blown re-release. Plus, Square loves remaking games. I find it very hard to believe the people at Square didn't realize the backlash they would induce when they released that FF7 tech demo for the PS3. It wouldn't surprise me if they started working on the game shortly before the tech demo was released. Yes, they keep saying they're busy with the XIII series but I don't know how much of that I believe.

I remember Blizzard vehemently denying the existence of Starcraft 2 when in fact, development began shortly after The Frozen Throne expansion to WC3 came out. All while working on WoW, you know !

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mun2004559965221d ago

Since Square has,as of last year remade every other iteration of the FF franchise 1 through 6, it is most likely on a logistical time table somewhere and in the planning stages, however there is a serious problem at the moment. That problem is that while none of the previous remakes were games that originally had FMV or digital quality sound and thereby required very little in the way of graphical or auditory sound processing power they were perfectly fine to be remade on either one of nintendo's undeniably successful handhelds, FF VII would be expected to elevate the bar with a remake in both of these departments and that is simply not possible on any handheld but the PSP (just for the record I have a DS that I quite love and am currently playing Crisis core and the remade FFIV concurrently while I keep thinking how much better FFIV could have been on the PSP). Now here is the meat of the problem, there is NO CLEAR VICTOR this generation as it stands and it is next to impossible to imagine Square making a multiplatform FFVII remake. I for one can only assume it has been put off till next generation and in the same thought can only hope that all they change when they do produce it is to up the poly-counts, make the pre-rendered backdrops full polygonal and to maybe add voice ( maybe the cast of Advent children, except for Barret who was too high pitched and comical, and Cid who wasn't enough of a jerk).

P.S.: Could be done on PSP but should wait for a much more powerful piece of hardware with a larger install base, hell maybe PC, the original PC version was excellent if you happened to have two VooDoo 2 banshees linked with a sound blaster live and a pentium 2 400Mhz with 128MB or RAM or the 4k that system would have cost in 1998 (My friend did, first place I ever played the game, sickest thing I'd ever seen with the FMV and 3-D world map, plus it was on a then huge 18" drafting CRT at 1280x1024 or better than 720p for those of you looking for a resolution comparison.)

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