Enjoy it while it lasts: This is the closest the Nintendo Switch will be to any of its competitors

Third-party support for the Nintendo Switch is giving the new game console life. But it will be more difficult to come by as rival consoles evolve, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One successors loom.

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wonderfulmonkeyman84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

This is the same old song and dance that people were prancing around to when the Vita came out, claiming that the 3DS's days were numbered because the tech meant third parties would pull away from it in favor of the Vita.

We all know how that turned out.

Power does not guarantee support or lack of support; it all depends upon popularity and whether or not third parties want to invest games that they know will fit onto the tech of the system into it.
And the switch has enough popularity going for it, that it won't matter how many graphically-realistic-looking games it cannot play, because it will still continue to get great games that are more than good enough replacements.

Regardless of how many Graphics fanboys unfairly hate/judge the system for not being the technical equal of a PS4 or Xbox One, despite the obvious differences in physical size, the Switch will continue to get many worthwhile games well into the future.

mkis00783d ago

Handhelds vs homeconsoles. Nintendo has a stranglehold on handhelds. They have 1 bestselling homeconsole in the wii. And the wii dropped off a cliff after the fad died due to...3rd parties, or a lack thereoff.

If Red Dead 2, assassins creed, call of duty, battlefield, justcause 4, and fallout are all skipping the console just this year alone. What hope does the switch have as time goes on and the new gen comes out and the gap is even wider. Nintendo would be smart to have a Switch upgrade available soon after ps5 and nextbox launch.

The switch will sell a lot, but without 3rd parties it wont sell enough to overtake the ps3/360.

RosweeSon83d ago

People love a Nintendo are doomed. How Microsoft are getting away with their shocking Gen they’ve had I’ll never know ps4/switch for me more than happy til 2020/21 ps5/switch2 unless Xbox get some games

playnice83d ago

The Xbox may be getting owned by the switch in term of hardware sales and exclusives but it does have outstanding AAA third party support.

RosweeSon83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Playnice yeah 3rd party fine but can play all that on PS4 if not switch so for me after owning an S for 4 months nailing all the exclusives and with nothing due out except crapdown3 Xbox got absolutely nothing going for it this Gen. Been awful. Give it less than 12 months and Xbox gonna be in last place. Shambles. Not that sales matter but for Nintendo to overtake Xbox’s 4 years worth of sales in 2 years says a lot

Davidgr283d ago

With PS5 and Xbox Next on the horizon Switch doesn’t stand a chance. Switch came out last year and we are already seeing devs skipping the Switch. These games are NOT coming to Switch ‘cause it can’t hande it, but it’s coming to PS4/X1 (2013 consoles)
Battlefield V. Anthem
Black Ops 4. Rage 2
Just Cause 4. Darksiders 3
Red Dead Redemption 2. AC Odyssey
Fallout 76. Hitman 2
Soul Calibur 6. Kingdom Hearts 3
Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Ace Combat 7
Rage 2.
Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Power does matter..... ^^

King_Noctis83d ago

If you want to make game list, then tell me how can you play the below games without a Switch:

Bayonetta 3
Smash Ultimate
No More Heroes
Metroid 4
Fire Emblem 3 Houses
The World End With You Remastered
Demon X Machina
Xenoblade Torna Country

I’ll wait.

CaptainSellers83d ago

@Noctis those are exclusives, this post clearly is referring to 3rd party support, though I wouldn't go as far as saying the Switch won't stand a chance, those are some significant titles to miss out on.

Neonridr83d ago

Switch is 1/20th the size of a PS4/XB1. Do you honestly expect it to perform at the same specifications? How does the Vita do in comparison to the PS4?

The sheer fact that the Switch has titles like Skyrim, Doom, Doom 2, Wolf 2, Diablo 3, etc is mind blowing. Nobody would have expected it.

And half of those titles you listed are questionable at best. I am sure the Switch can do fine without a handful of those titles. Sure more is always a good thing, but if devs are talented enough and they want to find a way, they will bring titles over. Even the Wii had Call of Duty games..

Realms83d ago

They aren't wrong what third party AAA developers are going to develop games exclusively on the Switch when the PS5 and the next xbox launch? As it is developers have to compromise to get current gen games on the Switch unless indy developers continue to support it which is totally possible it will inevitably become an indy console since big publishers will skip it as it is many games will never be on the Switch important games like Red Dead 2 and Cyber Punk 2077 won't be on the Switch and that's fine but you can't ignore that fact either no matter how many good indy games the Switch get's switch only gamers will miss out on a lot of games if that is the case.

rainslacker83d ago

Its not about popularity. It's about if software actually sells on the system. A system can sell 100 million units, but if it doesn't sell 3rd party software, then it's not going to keep getting meaningful support. Switch seems to be selling alright so far, but the memory cards for carts is expensive for publishers, at a time when they're already griping about having to pay for physical releases anyways. Nintendo systems tend to sell Nintendo games very well. They also tend to sell one or two types of games very well....usually JRPG's as one of them. They don't always do well at everything else. They're doing well enough so far, but just because a system sells doesn't mean it'll always get support.

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Sgt_Slaughter83d ago

Why do people keep pushing the yardstick back? Next we'll say the Switch isn't going to do well once the predecessor comes out like it's a negative thing.

Servbot4183d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Its predecessor was the Wii U. You mean successor?

rainslacker83d ago

As of right now, Switch is the only competitor in the portable market. It'll do well just because of that. The home consoles sales will help it as well. I think Nintendo and Sony will have close sales, but I think we'll see more surges with Switch when more popular Nintendo games get released on it. I think Switch will generally sell better than Xbox though.

PhoenixUp83d ago

It’s not like developers are going to completely drop support for any of the current gen systems anytime soon

Ciporta198083d ago

Technically the switch isn't current gen, it's next gen.

RedDevils83d ago

This you say technically? "technically" the Switch tech is on current gen if it Next gen tech it would be doing 4k stuff but no.

Ciporta198083d ago

@red devils no the switch is next gen. The Wii u was Nintendo's console for the ps4, Xbox one generation. They have since released their next gen. That indeed shows how far behind the tech is in the switch.

Neonridr83d ago

why aren't the mid-gen refreshes next gen then? The One X is a sizable increase over the base One. More so than the Switch is over the Wii U.

Ciporta198083d ago (Edited 83d ago )

@neonridr if you don't know the answer to that then you are as stupid as you sound. The ps4 pro and Xbox one X are just more powerful versions of the consoles and play the exact same games with zero games just for them as they aren't a new generation of console. Can the same be said for the switch? Is the switch just a more powerful version of the Wii u that plays the same Wii u games? If it is then I stand corrected.

blawren483d ago

Every consoles current iteration is current gen. The moment next gen starts, that is the current gen and all consoles current iterations are still current gen, even if those are not yet updated. We really need to get over this generation discussion. It does not matter.

Neonridr83d ago

@Ciporta1980 - they are stop gaps, to stretch out the generation even longer. Doesn't change the fact that they are new hardware. So when Switch 2 comes along we can just call it a mid gen refresh and then it'll be current gen too? Makes total sense... SMH

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PhoenixUp83d ago

However you want to classify Switch in terms of generation, I’m talking about the level of tech is somewhat on parity with current gen systems that developers aren’t going to be giving up on in the near future

forevercloud300083d ago

Honestly the Switch is already hitting it's upper wall on what it can do tech wise. This isn't good for any console. While it is a great console that is doing really well right now......they have a point. The internal memory is already proving quite the problem, several big 3rd Party games cannot fit on the internal at all, and consume a large portion of whatever Memory Stick sizes are in circulation. Many games that were slated for the Switch are being delayed because the ports are proving more work than originally expected (Dark Souls Remastered). Then you have some stuff originally thought to be ported that they found out just can't be (FFXV).

A hardware revision is necessary within 2 years with more power, which I think was always the plan. They did the same with the NEW 3ds XL, both Xbox and Playstation did it. The idea is to make the gaming market more like the Smartphone market. Bi-annual iterations.

The only issue is by that point new consoles will be out. The power scale up will have to be huge for Switch, which ultimately means this Switch 2.0 can be fully backwards compatible but the Switch will not be Forwards.

RosweeSon83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Yeah it’s nintendo they always do revised versions of the handhelds at least and even their home consoles Wii u didn’t get it but no one was buying them and they saw that just revising the console wasn’t gonna help. But yeah switch xl or whatever they called it within a 12-18 months then next Gen switch by 2021
Nintendo always release their consoles in a pattern between 4/6 years last one was 5 years next gap should be 4 but of course could change but highly likely

Davidgr283d ago

You’re definitely right... Many of the games annouced at E3 will not come to Switch. Big AAA games like Battlefield V, Black Ops 4, Fallout 76 and Red Dead Redemption. As a Switch owner I’m tired of getting old ports for a full $60.

The 10th Rider83d ago

In regards to the memory stick size thing, you can already get 256gb cards for under $80 no problem and prices have been dropping fast over the past year. By this time next year you'll be able to get a 400gb card for $100 or less. With no mandatory installs, once you purchase an SD card it's really not a problem unless someone is going all digital. I've got close to 30 games and I've only used around 32gb of space.

Neonridr83d ago

devs choose to utilize smaller carts to save on costs. You do realize that the carts can be upwards of 64GB in size right? Devs choose to use 8/16 GB carts to force the end user to have to download the rest. As cartridge prices come down devs will be more willing to utilize larger ones.

You have no clue why Dark Souls was delayed. Could be any number of reasons. Diablo 3 was up and running in 2 months according to the devs, so take it for what it's worth.

Yes a hardware revision will be needed in time, and as mobile tech gets better and better the Switch can take advantage. The Switch 2 doesn't need to be 8K @ 120fps.

blawren483d ago

I don't think it even needs to be be 4k. To me, the extra resolution just increases the file size unnecessarily while providing very little benefit.

forevercloud300082d ago

Yes, Developers are deliberately choosing to use smaller file sized carts, but that is because they are expensive and proprietary to Nintendo. They are trying to neuter potential loss on what is already gamble ports(a gamble because previous 2 Nintendo systems were a black hole for 3rd Party games). For now, that looks to be the standard until those carts come down in price or the risk/reward on return is high enough.

Right now, The Sports titles like Madden and NBA on Switch have 30GB installs, several other 3rd party games also have 15+ GB. They are effectively unplayable without a Memory Card, of which the STANDARD pricing puts a 128GB at $60. Too often people are relegating limited time pricing for what something actually costs as far as the MSRP is concerned.

This kind of thing blindsides many console buyers as they do not effectively evaluate costs outside of the base console and games. It is causing frustration with some, and the speed of which the Switch is selling is reflecting that (IE very well...but a much slower pace than originally to be expected, only 5k above PS4 and thats only in last few weeks).

About Dark Souls, the developers said it was technical difficulties with the port if I am not mistaken. It makes sense as Dark Souls is a far more reflex heavy title than Diablo I would think.

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