The New Day Makes ‘Best Sonic Reference Ever’ at WWE SummerSlam

The New Day took the opportunity to pay homage to Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog during the WWE pay-per-view event SummerSlam.

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joshmille99111d ago

Gear looks great. Those creators at WWE do some fantastic work.

And I always appreciate The New Day doing things like this. Awesome lil shout outs to those fandoms.

JKSimmons111d ago

New Day rocks! New Day rocks!

JKSimmons111d ago

Ohhhhh! I saw this and knew that it had more meaning to it.

That's awesome!

Vanfernal111d ago

Best reference ever? We're talking about guys that dress up like Super Saiyans and Final Fantasy characters. And yet a color palette is the "best reference ever". I call that a nod at most lol.

CyberSentinel111d ago

Seth Rollins/Thanos
W/ The Infinity Boot....FTW!

Segata111d ago

Isn't one of those guys in the paige leaked sex vid gang banging her?

HighlyDoubtful111d ago

Yessir. The black guy that takes the move outside the ring.

ZeekQuattro111d ago

Yup Xavier Woods of UpUpDownDown Youtube fame. lol