Sharknado Franchise Dives Into VR

Sharknado VR: Eye of the Storm, the world’s first virtual reality Sharknado experience and made by Autumn VR, throws gamers into the bloody action later this year on PlayStation VR, Steam, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, iOS and Android.

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gangsta_red84d ago

Finally the killer app ive been waiting for on VR

Snookies1284d ago

This one's a killer app huh? I might just have to bite... lol.

Babadook784d ago

I was intrigued until I realized it’s a game. With poor graphics. Would be cool if it was a movie.

Apocalypse Shadow84d ago

As cheesy as this series has been, I've watched every silly one. It's so bad it's good.

As long as you get to play as Fin and he shoots and buzz saws his way through sharks with quick and snappy remarks from Ian Ziering , and you get to play as April and you get the buzz saw hand and you can fly into sharks, then I'm in. Lol. For $10.

loonatyc84d ago

I've never actually watched the movies. Maybe I'll get around to it some day. I just really like VR, and try to spread the word of anything new coming for it.

Apocalypse Shadow84d ago

Cool. Cool. Me too.

I'm waiting for Zoe 2 Mars next month with Creed. I may or may not get Firewall because of the always online. Even for single player content.

As for Sharknado, don't go into it thinking it's Oscar material if you watch it. It definitely isn't. The fun part is seeing a lot of celebrities die Sharknado style. And Ian as a ridiculous hero that's called upon every time to save the world.

loonatyc84d ago

Yeah I can't wait for ZOE. Highly anticipating Firewall too. I'm big on tactical shooters, and I want more reasons to use the PS Aim controller.

And yeah I know the Sharknado movies are meant to be campy as hell. If I ever watch them, I know what to expect.

I make a point of covering VR content as much as I can. Trying to get those approvals so I can get the word out more. I believe VR is the future of gaming. A lot of people think that there's nothing good for VR out yet. Gotta prove them wrong, LOL.

Gridknac84d ago

And I didn't think you could get anymore retarded than those movies. After watching that teaser, sadly, I am wrong.

loonatyc84d ago

That's exactly the point of those movies though. The game will probably be every bit as cheesy and campy. Gotta remember, that kind of stuff has its audience too.