Amazon Prime Takes Away 20% Off Game Pre-Orders, Replaces It With New Reward

Amazon has revealed that beginning later this month you will receive a reward credit for pre-ordering certain games but no more 20% off titles.

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Abash150d ago

No longer need a Prime membership now

Neonridr150d ago

agreed, will be time to cancel.

RacerX150d ago

Amazon arrived, killed off the competition with their great offers... Has slowly raised their prices, and is now removing the rewards....
The cycle is almost complete.

Araragifeels 150d ago

Well luckily, I am not paying full price since I student prime.

150d ago
babadivad150d ago

Getting prime on expired card.

rageholic149d ago

Well luckily, my grandma gets the senior discount at Denny's.

starchild150d ago

Yeah, that's a disappointing policy change.

VerminSC150d ago

Agreed. One of the only reasons I had prime.

RosweeSon150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

I don’t know why people use amazon anyway they charge for postage and it’s slow notnto mention are more expensive as normally stick to RRP other websites in u.k at least are cheaper and get the game out a day before launch for free postage plus they pay their taxes. Amazon suck
A website I use got my Shenmue out to me by Saturday

dumahim150d ago

In the US, with Prime you don't pay for shipping and almost every game I order is delivered the day of release so it's shipped a day or two early.

RosweeSon150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Dumahim... your don’t pay with postage with prime, no but you’ve paid for prime for the year hence they post it for free other sites do free postage without yearly subscription and they arrive the very next day even amazons free postage takes 3/5 days not to mention great it arrives launch day the other sites I use get the game to my house day before launch day Shenmue arrived 3 days early. Amazon suck id never pay them £80 a year when other sites offer a better service for free
As for Best Buy messing up amazon do it all the time and their customer service is atrocious unless you like being read to from a script and getting no where.

zaherdab150d ago

Amazon offers free postage past a certain amount ( 25$ ) i think and thas peobably the lowest as most other sites wouls need a min of 40 $... prime nets you a 2 days service instead of 3-5
... prme video... prime music and twitch premium which offers free pc games .. netflic costs almost the same as a video service while spotify costs almost the same as a music service

dumahim150d ago

In the US it's pretty rare to get anything before the release date no matter where you order.

In terms of the orders, I've not had many issues at all. One seller sent me the wrong screen protector and they just wanted a picture of it and sent me the correct one. Of the issues I've had, only 1 time did they ask that I return the item which was the MGS Revengeance plasma lamp I received defective. All the other times they say just keep it or toss it. Not worth returning for them. Something was out of their control and something was delayed? Credit to my account without a fight. Hell, sometimes they'd even credit my account without a complaint. They'd send an email to me and say they didn't live up to their quality standards and apologized.

I can't say I'm happy with the way things are getting more expensive, they're raising Prime fees and removing features, but the level of service they've provided for me for many years now has been top notch.

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CryofSilence150d ago

No longer pre-ordering games.

xfiles2099149d ago

LOL Prime Video is worth the Price of Prime alone

rageholic149d ago

You people are so dramatic. Maybe it's just me but I use Amazon for more than games. In fact I buy almost everything from Amazon. Prime is a great value even without the 20% off preorder deal.

RosweeSon149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I buy almost nothing from amazon if I can avoid I do they don’t pay their taxes and they are shutting every other store one day it’ll be only amazon and well have no choice bad times. Amazon charging £29,99 for Shenmue collection it’s only £24,99 digitally amazon are a rip off great if you ore order early (sometimes they put things up to pre order at the wrong price, much lower and they’ll honour it) but in U.K at least amazon suck unless your paying them £80 for a better service. If their standard service was up to scratch I’d consider it but it’s not had various issues of them taking to many pre orders and just cancelling my items or putting them up too early incorrectly and rather than notifying me that I’ll have to reorder just leave my order in limbo and let other people order it sell and keep telling me no it’s fine you’ll get yours... awful. I know at least 2 websites with free postage that arrives next day... for free and they always get games out on Thursday for Friday launches or if it’s a. Tuesday Monday latest ie some have turned up on a Saturday 3 days early amazon would never do this if you choose free postage they specially delay posting your item and then send it with the cheapest 2d class postsge they can so it takes another 3/5 days to arrive. Pass. I can literally order things from amazon France Germany or Italy and they arrive quicker than amazon U.Ks free post they shoddy at best

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Chaosdreams150d ago

Canada, which was docked down to 10% a few years back is now getting nothing.

Time to cancel Prime.

Outsider-G150d ago

I believe the 10% went into effect this year. Reason I say this is because last year, during the E3 promotion, I got RDR2, Death Stranding, and Days Gone for $40 with the 20% off.

Iceball2000150d ago

Hey Outsider... I still have to call Amazon because I ordered those two games as well and now it says there releasing sometime in 2020 and 2022. When you click the game in your order it says no longer available. So I don’t know what’s going on $49 is an amazing price for new releases in Canada, reg. $79

Outsider-G150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

@Iceball2000 - Which two games? Your order is fine. You clicked the game page where no one can pre-order the game. When you click on order details, it shows the estimated delivery dates.

RDR2 has an exact delivery date, while Death Stranding and Days Gone have place holder dates. I don't know why hasn't updated Days Gone release date to February 22.

Iceball2000150d ago

@outsider. RDR2 and Days Gone. RDR2 doesn’t have an exact date that’s the thing. It’s for like January 2020. Wish I could show you a screenshot

Outsider-G150d ago

@Iceball2000 - That's strange. Yeah, chat with customer support on your browser or give them a call.

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ZeekQuattro150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Dammit. Should of known once other companies started getting rid of preorder dicounts Amazon owouldof followed suit. I use Prime for more than games though so I'm not getting rid of it. They are basically going back to their old system from a long time ago. I used to get a lot new games cheap because I would use my points. I use Amazon a lot and only venture to Gamestop or Best Buy for consoles or games that for some reason I won't get on Amazon on release day.

annoyedgamer150d ago

Then don't pre-order anymore, its not like copies sell out in stores anymore. You can also get around $20 off if you wait a few months after release at a sale somewhere.

ShadowNextGen150d ago

That actually isn't true. One of the most recent examples is Octopath Traveler on the Switch. That was sold out everywhere and it was hard to find for a little while.

RememberThe357150d ago

That's where I'm at now. No more pre orders. And now that God of War is already discounted I'm gonna wait on Spider-Man and Red Dead. I'd enjoy them just as much now as I will in a few months. I just got back into Divinity so that will take up a bunch of my time.

RosweeSon150d ago

Why wait shop around you can get that discount before launch im paying £41 for my copy of smash ultimate whilst others being charged £55/60. My copy of Shenmue cost £22 max other’s £29.99 both more than 20% and arrived day1 If not before

fiveby9149d ago

I'm still getting my Bestbuy Gamers Club discount of 20% on new game purchases. Of course, BB also canceled that program. But I'll have used it for 4 years by the time my sub runs out next year. I will likely continue to avoid pre-orders and wait for sales.

starsi360149d ago


That’s partially to do with the switch using more expensive physical cartridges. They don’t want to produce too many and then find it doesn’t sell well as there’s is a high cost to producing the stock.
Games on BluRay by contrast will cost pennies to physically produce so they can make plenty and always recall and destroy unsold copies if that happens.

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KickSpinFilter150d ago

Actually Amazon mentioned this was going to happen first before Bestbuy. And GameStop never offered anything.

Baza150d ago

The games I want aren’t even available to preorder on Amazon! RDR2.. nope. Spider-Man.. nope.

deadfrag150d ago

Amazon is not What it used to be anymore,there are plenty of better alternatives this days

Araragifeels 150d ago

Tell me more about this alternative.

RosweeSon150d ago rewards points free next postage (which arrives next day for FREE) and games arrive 1-3 days before launch. again offers rewards points also offers 10/15% codes every month or 3 and works on pre orders, free postage that arrives the next day and games arriving before launch
Both websites also sell their games below RRP day one
Always a better alternative


Best buy is definitely better. Free release day shipping on brand new orders and free shipping on anything over $30. Don't need to be apart of no service

dumahim150d ago

Except the whole thing about them regularly messing up orders or flat out cancelling them.

KionicWarlord222150d ago

Amazon is buggin in dez streets.

How you gonna remove services after you said there will be a price raise in the future?

Amazon is king but it seems danger is coming.

Cmv38150d ago

I still have prime because I'm lazy and enjoy 2 day shipping...but I'm starting to see something is a bit off lately. Hopefully they can appease us before they make a huge screw up they won't be able to recover from.

KionicWarlord222150d ago

Yea at first its like "eh no biggie it pays for itself"

But not when features are being removed.

letsa_go150d ago

It seems like the retailers and publishers got together and decided to collectively raise prices. They keep doing stuff like this, it is going to push people to piracy, or just give up gaming altogether.

SarsOxley150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Haha...give up gaming? That's a good one you silly goose you :)

letsa_go150d ago

@arsOxley Hey it happens sometimes! :D I gave up gaming for a little while when the N64 game drought was going on. I didn't really get back into gaming until the dreamcast and xbox came out.

ShadowNextGen150d ago

Prices haven't gone up. Games are still $59.99. Some of the discounts have just gone away.

EricLane149d ago

Walmart has been trying to compete with Amazon. I am going to check into comparisons. I never watch included Prime video, it all sucks, but I have bought as lot of Audio books on Audible, music and movies on Amazon. I feel locked in and would like to make a change. I must say, I have always been turned off on Amazon after hearing about their employment conditions.