Game Reviewers: Who To Trust?

PSX Extreme: "It's a huge topic of conversation these days, what with so many games coming out all at once. After all, these games need reviews, and there are plenty of media-naysayers out there who say it's getting increasingly difficult to trust video game reviews.

Now, after last year's GameSpot Kane & Lynch fiasco, they probably have a point. And we sincerely doubt that reviewers on one of the super huge sites never once fudged an overall score just a bit, entirely - although perhaps subconsciously - due to the lure of advertising dollars. Then, the smaller sites don't have the resources to review every single title the instant it's released, even though they may not bend to potential bribery."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3649d ago

Kotaku and Gamedaily can easily be crossed off.

elshimiablo3649d ago

same goes to eurogamer

10 to Fable 2= ROFL

baraka0073649d ago

Rent all games movies ect... I wouldn't trust anyones opinion. If you were to trust critics then you would think every movie with a big budget is SPELLBINDING!! A THRILL RIDE THAT WILL KEEP YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT! We all know they are being paid or just flat wrong for the most part and even if they are being honest it doesn't mean you will like it or not. So IMO reviews are meaningless

jtucker783649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Unfortunately, I don't have time to play every game.

I read reviews from sites for games that I have already beaten and then see how close my opinion is to theirs.
If they have similar opinions to me about games I own then I will quite often go with their opinion for a game that I don't own.

But in general if I see a game that I like the look of, I read all reviews on it and then make my mind up from there.

Also reading the comments on N4G is quite useful. There are a lot of FBs and haters out there, but there are a few articulate and reliable members on here and you get a pretty good feel for a game from others.

And as I live in the UK and we always get games last here - I usually get a heads up from you US guys.

robotnik3649d ago

I only follow my own opinion when deciding to buy or not a game.

darkdoom30003649d ago

after GTA4 i dony trust reviews. If im gonna buy a game, im gonna buy it. I rather go on Ps3forums and check what people say about the game. If im a big fan of the game, ill probably get it.

blu3print3649d ago

user ratings, why trust one reviewer's score when most of the time on the same site are hundreds of user scores which on average would give you a better idea of the game's score hopefully without bias

PirateThom3649d ago

The problem is, as LittleBigPlanet has shown, is that even userratings are corrupted.

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