6 Neglected Disney Licenses That Should So be in Kingdom Hearts III

Twinfinite Writes: Disney has a long catalog of properties from their many many years of animation, and there are a few forgotten ones that seem like a perfect fit for the Kingdom Hearts series.

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PhoenixUp88d ago

Kim Possible for Kingdom Hearts 3 😂

basilboxer88d ago

Hell yes, The Emperor's New Groove!

Magnus88d ago

I'd be down for Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles hell throw in Ducktales as well. Gargoyles I would say is my favorite Disney cartoon next to Darkwing Duck.

BlackTar18786d ago

That would be awesome to have darkwing and gargoyles.

AnUglyLoli86d ago

It's a little late for suggestions to Squeenix isn't it? Bottom kek.

Relientk7786d ago

Hell yes to Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, and Atlantis