Wii Homebrew Channel Soon to Support PS1 Games

Games Are Evil writes, "Announced this week via Nintendo Wii Fanboy, is the development of an PlayStation emulator for the Wii named WiiSX. While the full implementation of the program is not yet finished, developers have successfully managed to get several test games up and running, lacking only sound. The application currently plays PlayStation games off ISO files stored on an SD card, but USB and DVD support are planned. The development team expects to have a preview build of the application finished by the end of the year and a full release sometime in 2009.

If this is truly as promising as it sounds, I may have to dust of my collection of vintage PS1 games. Check the video of it in action..."

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Panipal20053649d ago

Oh dear it looks like Sony are going to be embarrassed AGAIN because soon there's going to be more PS1 games playable on the Wii than there are in both the US & EU PSN stores combined.

I would feel sorry for Sony if they weren't such retentive JERKS. But this is what they deserve.

bgrundman3649d ago

You have a good point, but the real question is how long do you think this will last until Sony sues some poor hobbyist developer into oblivion? Remember Bleem on the PC? Most likely not because the developers where never able to cash in. They where scared off by Sony's legal army.

ChickeyCantor3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

" , but the real question is how long do you think this will last until Sony sues some poor hobbyist developer into oblivion?"

That won't happen.

The developer of the emulator is not responsible for the illegal ISO's. On top of that you still need the original BIOS file.
Something he doesn't own(well maybe he does but im not sure if it comes with the emulator since). Something you need to "download" yourself.
Its Nintendo who has to stop these guys from being able to make homebrew appz.

bgrundman3648d ago

If look back though Connectix was the company that developed bleem, and they where sued into a hole by Sony. That is why they are no longer around.

On the other hand, the only reason why Nintendo would stop it is if emulators stated to step on their virtual console money. However, I think that money is well protected.

ultimolu3648d ago

They deserved it?
For what reason?

ChickeyCantor3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Bleem had an actuall price tag, something this emulator doesn't have.
That's why Sony killed the company.

plain rice3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

You would still need to download or copy the actual game from a disc or from the internet to actually play them (ISO's). The PS3 can emulate 100% PS1 games from original discs so it's not really a problem that PSN lacks PS1 classics.

Nevertheless, this is great news.

B-Rein3648d ago

not to worry my 60 gig ps3 playes ps1 and ps2 games :D

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Kareshi_X3648d ago

The wii playing PS1 games ? not surprising from a console with such graphics

Scarfy3648d ago

Whatever your opinion of this, you can't deny it's a hell of an achievement. The speed in very impressive.

GameHero3648d ago

Nintendo = Wii-tarted!

Unless your between the ages 3-10 or 50-80 years old the Wii = a $250.00 "paper weight"

xaviertooth3648d ago

halooo! wake up!, that was 2 years ago. sony, since then, has been an image of respect and reservation. in fact can you prove that sony has issued silly things about competitors from then on?

if there is a company that are nowadays jerks and continue to do attacking rivals, that would be microsoft